Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter - 9.99....Really?

(Robert Mitchell) #303

Most of them seem to run about 116 lines.
One of them is 711 lines or so with extensive graphic subroutines.
Maybe I will start poking at that one and see how far I get…

Next question: How do you know if you have an Aeon V1 or a V2?
Any external differences?
Mine says it is a 2101. That a type 1?
It also says v 3.60. New firmware is 3.64. Any point in upgrading?

(Dana ) #304

This one worked for me:

jscgs350 : My Aeon Home Energy Monitor

constjs/jcdevhandlers (master)

(Robert Mitchell) #305

I have been looking for that one - unsuccessfully.
Mind giving me a pointer or two on how to get from constjs/jcdevhandlers (master)
to the github repository? Still a new kid here…

(Dana ) #306

To add to your IDE:

Link to source:

(Robert Mitchell) #307

Thanks. Could not get the “Add to ide” working - but picked up the code you posted.
Used Create from code, published it to me, and it is working!

Next stop - breaker box. I think I am ready!

(Rob) #308

Finally got around to hooking up my second meter. I couldn’t put it on the main line because the two wires were too close to each other and there was very little room to maneuver without killing myself so I connected it to my 40amp AC lines. That covers half the amperage in the house. 60amps on my garage and 40 on my AC.

One day I’ll have the box upgraded and I’ll get it on the whole house but for now this’ll have to do.

(Joel W) #309

I have two now just ordered two more. The two now are for:

  1. On the mains of my 150 Amp panel
  2. On the Washing Machine and the Furnace Air Handler
  3. (Just Ordered) On the AC Unit
  4. (Just Ordered) On the Dishwasher and the Refrigerator

(Michael Hess) #310

Addicting isn’t it? :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #311

Why would you say that?

(Michael Hess) #312

I like the wallplate with the hole in it, cleans it up a lot vs just a grungy hole in the drywall like I’ve got. My lazy strikes too regularly though.


Here, you need to join this thread…quick! :smile:

(Joel W) #314

Being an electrical foreman doing computers and building automation it had better be neat. After I looked at my own picture I did it over, as it wasn’t neat enough.

(Joel W) #315

I have been staying away from there as I don’t need any more ideas to spend more money.

(Dana ) #316


Said any of us, ever. :smiley: