Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter - 9.99....Really?

I just ordered one… we’ll see if it actually shows up.

That’s the Gen 1 version, and can sometimes be found for $25 or less. They work great, and at that price that’s hard to pass up.


Thanks, in for one too!

Aeotec’s web site does not explain the differences, do you know? For $10 I figured what the heck and ordered two of them, but I’m curious about what I’ll be missing.

The newest version, the ZW095, is zwave plus. I think there were two generations of the Z wave classic version.

Yup. Look at the manual for the one you purchased. You’ll see that is has a USB plug and adapter. The newer ones don’t. Also, the one you purchased has room for 4 AA batteries. They can act as a backup, or be run with just batteries (I don’t recommend that).

If you like, here’s a DH I put together from others in the Community:


Here’s more info as well:


@johnconstantelo So John, the older one can be powered by AC but the new one can not? I like the AC idea. The Aeotec web site seems to imply that the newer model is much better feature-wise, although they offer no specifics. I suppose I would market it that way too, but is there a feature or accuracy difference?

Thanks very much!

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They both do AC power, it’s just the older one that also does DC. I have no idea why newer versions don’t have a battery backup, but after using mine for a year or so I’ve found the batteries to be more of a PITA and not worth using.

The newer generation also can calculate amperage, so that’s a feature add. I can’t say for sure that accuracy is any different because I can’t compare the two. For our purposes, the gen 1 does what we need quite well.

The new one can measure more parameters like line voltage for one. The old one measures instantaneous power use in watts and cumulative energy use kilowatt hours. Also new one has gen5 Z-wave, faster lower power.

I have old on on my mains, what could I do with another?

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Thank you, ordered two!

Dam dam dam. I already have 2 of these on the breaker boxes, but I really ( do I ? ) want to put one on the hot tub, just to see what it costs ( besides $50 a month ) to run it .

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Quick question before I order… does anyone know how well they work with solar power systems? The power draw from the main supply line can be negative if my panels are producing more than I’m consuming. For $10 a piece I was thinking about ordering two: one for the main line coming in to the house, and one for the line coming from my solar inverter. Problem is I’d have to do some math to figure out my actual power draw, or write/modify a smart app or device handler to do that for me, I suppose. Has anyone tried a setup like this?

If you search for it, I think I remember this exact topic being discussed at length about a year ago. My caffeine level is not high enough yet for me to remember the outcome.

Excellent, thanks for the advice. I’ll see what I can find.

Ordered 2 - I’ll use one on the main, the other on a secondary split unit AC system.

Mine just shipped.

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Mine as well. Thanks @mckenph

I ordered mine this morning. Fingers crossed…

If you find it can you post the link back here, so the info is integrated - will be very helpful. :slight_smile: