Z-wave route 'loops' back onto itself (?)

Anybody seen this? What can be doen?


Ex. This device <-> device1 <-> device1 <-> device2 <-> hub

Smartthings’ Zwave routing display isn’t typical of how most Z wave hubs display routing, and it isn’t really what you probably think it is.

All it is is a record of a single message being sent, and the route it took that time. It doesn’t mean it will always take that route or even that that’s the usual route. It’s just the last time it was recorded, which could be as much as a day earlier.

I believe when you see a device in the route twice it means that the message failed and had to be retransmitted. That’s not as important as it sounds, it could happen just if the intended repeater was busy and the device has to try again.

Are you having problems with that particular device? Or were you just curious?


Always curious. Even more lately - all sorts of strange behaviours w app & backend.

This particular device works ok, but is sometimes used as a repeater/forwarder for a couple of other devices (Fibaro dimmer 2s) that sometimes work only when using the app but at other times only by using the physical button. And I cannot see any system/consistency as to when they work in this or that way.