Z-Wave Repeater

If you’ve got an area that could work, then what @docwisdom says makes sense… but I modify ‘active’ to say ‘powered’. As in a device that is plugged into an outlet or hardwired into house current. Usually battery powered devices are not repeaters.

If I recall correctly, Z-wave generally has a 30 foot range… probably more than that in an ideal situation (clear line of sight), but because of walls and doors and such, 30 is probably a more realistic figure.

Also, be aware that this is a z-wave repeater. Many of the “SmartThings” branded items are Zigbee, not Z-wave (Presence Sensors, Mutli-Sensors, Motion Detectors), so if you’re looking at using one of these devices in your Garage, a z-wave repeater won’t help with that.