Z-Wave Repair Utility in Mobile App

Currently, when doing a z-wave repair from the app (in iOS anyway), any messages disappear if you switch to another iOS app or if the screen dims. This makes the z-wave repair from the app somewhat useless because you can’t start the repair and then go do other things and come back to see the results.

Can you please make the messages issued during the repair process to be persistent until the repair is completed (or you leave the repair screen to go to another screen in the app)?

Thank you!!!

p.s. feel free to reply If you agree (or if I’m doing something wrong to create this behavior).

Hmm, maybe this is why I have never been able to get a Z-Wave repair to complete.

SmartThings doesn’t use this forum for suggestions, so email support. It is annoying having to stare at the screen.

The repairs probably have completed. You just can’t tell from the app. If you do it from the IDE, it’s easy to tell.

By posting this in the community, it most likely isn’t going to make it as some sort of official request that is going to get satisfied. Although SmartThings staff members are out here in the community and from time to time they may respond to something, but it isn’t their job to take requests from the community and have them prioritized and implemented.

I would recommend contacting support and reporting it, and also leave a review on the SmartThings App in the Play or App store with comments. Apparently those are looked at with some importance within SmartThings.

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It never occurred to me to try via the IDE - thanks!

It’s a game changer. You can just kick it off and then click the link to view event and leave it open in your browser and walk away and come back and see what happened.

Thanks, will do!

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