Z-Wave Repair - How to suspend processes

(Mark Kaplan) #1

Is there a straight forward method to suspending / pausing all processes while performing a z-wave repair.

It’s fairly easy with WebCoRE because I can go into each instance and pause all pistons, but in other SmartApps there’s no real way to stop the processes without deleting them

Maybe it should be an option in IDE to allow you to suspend all processes in the utilities section

(Robin) #2

I have a virtual switch called “automation” and everything is setup to only run when that switch is on.

I’m solely using webCoRE though and not all apps have the option to only run when a certain switch is on… but most can be held by modes instead (so maybe make a ‘pause’ mode and restrict against that instead?)

(Ron Talley) #3

I choose the, “Everyone be very quiet, I’m hunting wabbits” approach…

(Mark Kaplan) #4

I like this automation switch idea,

Do I only have to suspend Z-Wave activity when I repair? I realized that most of the activity I see on live logging is not z-wave like Ecobee etc.

If so that only leaves my house lock app and smart lighting which only runs with Minimote for local control of lights

(Mark Kaplan) #5

That fits my wife’s opinion of “Smoke and Mirrors”

(DavidK) #6


Why are you trying to suspend processes during zwave repair?

(Mark Kaplan) #7

Because others in this community have recommended it and z-wave is a dark and mysterious protocol.

Mark Kaplan