Z-Wave repair for Schalge with a brain fart

First let me say I am a thousand miles away from the network my Air BnB ST hub is on. I have a Schlage touchscreen that all of a sudden decided to erase all existing codes. The only ones that were kept was a current guest door code and the two defaults. All others were erased in a matter of seconds. In addition my ST app is finding no new locks so I can add any back in … altho I can lock and unlock the door I can’t put in any more codes at the current time.
My Q is really pretty simple but I was born in the Miocene Epoch so let me ask: If I try the Z wave repair am I likely to lose everything? Can it even be done without being on that network ?
Otherwise I will just have to wait until our current guest departs and then I will have to give my wifi p/w etc to some complete stranger at that location to get them in to re-pair.
Thank you

Not likely

Absolutely, either from your ST app or from the IDE → My Hubs → Utilities

How do you know it erased the codes?

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Wondering if someone accidentally deleted the code from the lock itself or the lock reset itself or someone reset the lock causing it to delete the codes (from the string of updated default and deleted messages).

You can do a Z-Wave repair and see if that helps restore your lock comms.

BTW, if you’re using the LUM app to program your codes, its sure programming engine can detect if codes are deleted from outside the app or if the lock is accidentally reset and then tries to restores the user codes automatically, so you don’t need to worry about such situations.

It also helps to add a repeater within 20ft of your lock which can help with communication issues and mesh problems.

There was nobody present in the house when this happened. So possibly a local intrusion into the system but I don’t know. I am the only one with the ST controls on my cel. I am only using ST lock management however it does tell me who causes what action (guest name locks manually, etc)

The lock is within 15 feet of the hub. I just don’t want to make a bad situation worse by deleting the current guests’ code and not being able to restore anything at all seeing as I am so far away from being able to re-pair in case of total loss.

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We highly recommend adding a repeater between the hub and the lock since the hub doesn’t buffer messages. Some light reading: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

I do have a wifi extender but the lock isn’t on that. Hmmm. Well I can’t get that done from here, anyway :frowning: