Z-wave repair failing


I use the website graph.smartthings.com

I have been unable to use iPhone app for zwave repair for a while.

However from the website zwave repair seems improved over its past behavior.

Read this thread, but confused about my steps. I have a GE wall plug that quit responding 3 days ago. Shows Inactive in the IDE. I have done a couple of z-wave repairs, but it says it can not be added into the mesh. So do I delete all smart apps it uses then do an exclusion and then re-add? Thanks

No need to do that yet. Go to the device in the phone app, tap the gear, and then tap on Replace. If it comes back as “device not considered failed”, then we can go down the exclusion process.

The replace process can take some time. If it times out, try again. I’ve also had to reboot the hub before a Replace would work right. Every time I’ve done a Replace, it’s worked, so don’t give up!

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Well, It came back at “Ready to replace device”… so now what do I do???

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That’s good! Press the button on the device, or what ever the regular Inclusion process is. For the wall plug, I believe it’s just pressing the button.

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Did your device just vanish after clicking replace?

Hi Bobby. I saw your post in the other discussion. I’ve never had a device vanish after doing a Replace, and I’ve done my fair share.

Yup me neither until 3 days ago. And I was able to reproduce it. Support said. Oh well it’s your dead device that’s causing it. I don’t buy it. But…I am the only one complaining about this, so that may be true :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s really weird. The last one I did was 2 days ago. It’s an older GE switch that I know is in a death spiral ever since we had a major power outage. Power bounced on/off three times really hard, and I ran to the breaker box to throw the main before I had more switches die. Luckily, all is well with all my other mains powered stuff, but it sure was not pleasant.

After I put z-wave switches in my entire home, I installed a whole house surge. Hopefully will work to prevent events like yours. That is sure not pleasant.

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Speaking of repair. Have you seen these before? @JDRoberts had a great suggestion, that support turned on the debug today while we were looking at my failed sensor. But now my hub events list is flooded with these entries…

Yup, I’ve seen those with debug mode on. It could be the result of the hub “polling” the device and then the device acknowledging it’s there, which it turn should update Last Activity for that device. That’s my thought at least.

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Great!!! That worked😊…so why? What did that do?

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Here’s how the replace works.

One) person tells the hub (via the replace command in the mobile app for the IDE) that the old device using that network ID is no longer available and they want to replace it with a new device of the same type.

  1. hub sends out a message to the old device to see if it is available. if it is available the replace will fail.

Three) if the hub doesn’t get any answer to the message in step two above, it then prepares to include a new device.

  1. human places the new device into “inclusion” mode, typically by pressing a button on it.

Five) hub and new device talk to each other and the new device is paired using the old device’s network ID.

The trick in your case is that the hub doesn’t really care whether the “new device” is actually a brand-new device or whether it’s just the old device now ready to be paired again. It’s just going to issue it the same network ID as last time because you are using the replace utility. That’s why you won’t have to change your smart apps.

So those five steps are just what it takes for this process to complete. If you Never put the device into inclusion mode, then step five can’t happen.

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Speaking of which, I have a device that is no longer responding to anything. Not sure if I need to do a zwave repair or what. This is AC powered so it’s not a battery issue.

Is there an advisable way/app/method to poll devices at a reasonable interval and not kill batteries or overload your system to essentially do a inventory and alert on variances?

D[quote=“JH1, post:115, topic:44080, full:true”]

Is there an advisable way/app/method to poll devices at a reasonable interval and not kill batteries or overload your system to essentially do a inventory and alert on variances?

Some of the community written “wellness check” smart apps review the account logs rather than polling the individual devices. So they don’t wear out the batteries or overload your network. :sunglasses: You can find them with the quick browse list in the community-created wiki.


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For me, a zwave replace works well. It works most of the time. For a powered device, turning the breaker off also works for me (but the replace is usually faster and easier for me).

I wrote an app that activates infrequently used devices. These devices use to stop responding. Now every couple of days, the app activates them. None have become inoperable since. I check device activity once a week for anything weird. So far, so good.


Do you share it? Have a link?

@JH1 I would do a power cycle first if at all possible and convenient. If not convenient or the power cycle doesn’t do it, then do the replace. It works magic 99.99% (used to be 100% for me). If not then exclusion, reset the device to factory then inclusion. The exclusion/inclusion is the most annoying because you have to unhook the device from any app that’s using it.

I haven’t had to do this for 6+ months. Replace is my go to, breaker is second (all depending upon what’s going on due to convenience).