Z-Wave range tester

If anyone is interested in a simple Z-Wave range tester, check out the Fibaro Motion
Sensor which has a range test mode:

I haven’t tried it myself yet but figured it may help others.

Here are the directions:

The Fibaro Motion Sensor has a built in Z-Wave network main
controller’s range tester. Follow the below instructions to test the
main controller’s range:

  1. Press and hold the B-button for 2 to 4 seconds until the LED glows
  2. Release the B-button.
  3. Press the B-button again, briefly.
  4. LED will indicate the Z-Wave network’s range (range signaling
    modes described below).
  5. To exit Z-Wave range test, press the B-button breifly.

Z-Wave range tester signaling modes:
LED indicator pulsing green - Fibaro Motion Sensor attempts to
extablish a direct communication with the main controller. If a direct
communication attempt fails, sensor will try to establish a routed
communication, through other modules, which will be signaled by
LED indicator pulsing yellow.
LED indicator glowing green - Fibaro Motion Sensor communicates
with the main controller directly.
LED indicator pulsing yellow - Fibaro Motion Sensor tries to
establish a routed communication with the main controller through
other modules (repeaters).
LED indicator glowing yellow - Fibaro Motion Sensor communicates
with the main controller through the other modules. After 2
seconds the sensor will retry to establish a direct communication
with the main controller, which will be signaled with LED blinking in
LED indicator pulsing violet - Fibaro Motion Sensor does
communicate at the maximum distance of the Z-Wave network. If
connection proves successful it will be confirmed with a yellow glow.
It’s not recommended to use the sensor at the range limit.
LED indicator glowing red - Fibaro Motion Sensor is not able to
connect to the main controller directly or through another Z-Wave
network device (repeater)


That photo reminds me too much of the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings films:

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This feature does not work for me. The range tester shows no connection, but I can manage the Fibaro Wall Plug from my European Smarthings Hub.