Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee Outlet/Extender?

I’m still new to all this, but I’ve now added a couple Multi sensors to my setup and Samsung support suggested I add a Zigby outlet to my house to extend the signal as the sensors are at the edge of the house (though currently I haven’t seen any hint of outages, though battery has dropped like a rock (seemingly) with this repeatedly cold weather (though it’s likely just the cold holding down the readings).

That said, it got me thinking. I also have Z-Wave Plus devices in the same area and I’d hate to go adding a bunch of outlets but all tied to one option. Does anyone make combo units that would extend the range for both techs (or more)?

Is that the best way to go?

The only one I have seen was the Iris with the custom device handler. [RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

If you’re in the USA, the Iris outlet is your ticket. Although I didn’t think it needed the custom handler anymore?

Runs perfectly/local w/the “SmartPower Outlet” Smartthings DTH…see this thread for pairing info and then switch to the SmartPower Outlet DTH:

@SteveWhite created a new DTH for the Zwave repeater part of this outlet that is a very nice DTH - I’ve switched to it for the Zwave part of the plug:

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