Z-Wave parameter zwaveRadioFunctional = False

Does Anyone know what this signifies? zwaveRadioFunctional = False
@slagle ?

Is there some description of each of these parameters and their impact?,

No idea what the parameter means, but mine is showing “true.”

Are you having any zwave connectivity problems?

@jim @Tyler

Yes, I have been having a lot of z-wave issues lately. I recently moved into a new home and all my switches now are z-wave (80 switches). I have intermittent issues where there are significant delays when motion detected to light turn on. At times the entire z-wave network crashes and I have to disable, then enable the z-wave module. There are some areas of the house that work relatively more reliable, but when the network crashes, the entire network stops working until a reset is done. Did multiple z-wave repairs, but no help. Turned off my cordless phone system that works in the 900MHz band and still no improvement.

I already opened a ST support ticket and I am talking with the Z-Wave Alliance folks as well to see if we can find something.

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@tpmanley… Thoughts here?

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