Z-wave outlet to turn on/off TV. WIll it shorten the TV's life?

I have this 24" LG TV mounted at the corner of my ceiling to view all of my security cameras. I want the TV to be off when I’m away and on when I’m home. I have tested it by unplugging it when it was still on, then plugging it back in. The TV turned on by itself (I think it remembers its last state).

Question is, do you think it’ll shorten the life of the TV if I hook up a z-wave outlet to it to turn it off when I’m away and on when I’m home?

I really don’t see why it should shorten the life.

This is what I do with one of our TV’s and have never had any problems.

Modern displays shouldn’t have any trouble. Old CRTs would have some minor trouble (warm up times)

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I have a TV in our kitchen which displays all of our security camera feeds. Every morning I have a plug that turns it on and off at night when we go to bed. No issues after several months.

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