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Z-wave or Zigbee. The future?


(mike) #21

I’m using zigbee set of sensors in a combination with raspberry (as the controller). For the moment they are working good, but I have several questions about the kaaproject platform that I’m using. Is there anybody who is also working with it? (I want to discuss how can I control the traffic of one particular sensor because I have a feeling that some of them are always on and this is the final reason of high energy consumption and as a result - low live time )


Since this forum is for users of the Samsung SmartThings Home automation platform, community members are more likely to be using the Artik/SmartThings cloud than Kaa. Artik is free at levels up to 100,000 messages per month, comes with many popular prebuilt integrations including Echo, and has native integration with the SmartThings mobile app which community members will already be using for their other SmartThings devices.

So I’m not sure you’ll get many Kaa-specific responses. :disappointed_relieved:

If you want to talk about a specific brand of ZHA 1.2 sensor ( that’s the zigbee profile that SmartThings uses) and its battery life, I suggest you start a new topic with the brand and model named in the title of the thread.

For questions about Kaa, you’ll get better answers if you seek out one of their user forums.

(mike) #23

The problem is that it is not that easy to find a community of people who are working only with Kaa.
As it’s a platform for the combining things, I decided to try to ask here also. But thanks, I will check Artik also! (it’s better to have a ‘plan B’ if I not find the answer for the Kaa)

(Tom Armstrong) #24

Look to the future, and it is NOT where you are.