Z-Wave Mouse Trap

I’m a HUGE fan of Jimmy Diresta (https://www.youtube.com/user/jimmydiresta), so this was my first attempt at making a similar style video of another thing I’m a big fan of… home automation.

I’ve done a lot of home automation (science) projects with Arduino, and then moving to Raspberry Pi and Google Cloud Messaging. Late last year I decided to try out SmartThings, and I’m VERY happy with that decision. They have a great site for developing your own Z-Wave “device types” as well as Smart Apps. This allows you to easily transform one device into another, as well as add custom icons, text, and notifications (SMS or Android).

You can find the device type and smart app I created for this video at my GitHub here: https://github.com/jdeltoft/SmartThings

Note as you can see in the video, I tried epoxy but it failed to really stick smooth plastic to plastic. :slight_smile:


Very creative. I like it.

This community is awesome!


Thanks! Yea, it was something fun to do as we were snowed in (Wisconsin) for Super Bowl Sunday. I did a lot of shoveling in between takes. :slight_smile:

Another thing to note, the music at the end is coming from the phone. I used Tasker to see the notification from SmartThings and then play a simple mp3.

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@eradicatore, this is so awesome. I’ve been sharing this internally! love the video to go with it!

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Nice, Justin. Care to explain the Tasker implementation? I’ve been playing with it, but I can’t get the hang of it.

@baconface if you are looking for an easy way to get started with Tasker, I would recommend checking out SharpTools.

SharpTools provides a set of Tasker plugins for controlling your devices/phrases/modes and makes it easy to subscribe to device attributes or mode changes so you can react to push events on your phone.

Hi @baconface (Jared),
In this case, it was a very trival exercise to do Tasker. The steps are

  1. create a new profile of type “Event”
  2. In that Event select “UI” sub category, and “Notification” sub sub category
  3. There you will chose smartthings app as the owner application and then stick in the push notification text exactly as it shows up in the notification tray.
  4. Then create a new task
  5. in that task, add the sub category “Media” and the sub sub category “Music Play”
  6. choose your mp3 and you’re done!

Note you need to make sure to enable push notifications in SmartThings app and again, match the text you put in SmartThings push message to the event above in step 3

I learned tasker from these tutorials. It’s updated a bit from the time of this writing, but I don’t think by enough to matter. I have a long commute so it was perfect for playing with just about every possible sub category of profiles and tasks. Part of the trick to Tasker for me was, learn the basic concepts of a profile and then a task, and then just play and try every option.

I used the mouse trap which is a little smaller than the rat trap:

On my trap, the force of the closing always caused the magnet to fly off, so I made couple of modifications. I screwed it on the bottom and also screwed the case down.


Great! Thanks for sharing the photo and modifications. Any mods or questions on the device type or smart app?

Didn’t have time to test out your app and am just using a push notification on open.

Made this because I thought I heard a noise in the attic. Placed this up there and within 24 hours caught four mice, first in 20 minutes! Two notifications were when I was away from home.

This solution was real handy in my case because my attic access is difficult.

Now I have to figure out how they got there.


Seems that Dome made a Z-Wave mouse trap:

Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Mouse, Rat and Rodent Trap - Clean, Safe & Humane Solution to Rodent Problems (DMMZ1)

smartyhome, Yes mouser is for sale on Amazon and directly on Dome Home Automation Website Here is link to official Dome Mouser Device Handler and Dome Mouser DH Guide. I will be following this topic from now on. I’m from Dome Home Automation product support and development team so please reach out to me here or directly to our support team (support@domeha.com) with any questions. Thank you for your support!

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when (or Will) this be available in the U.K. on European
z wave frequencies.

@mattcwiokowski What drivers and apps have you tested on smartthing. I was going to get one of the traps ans want to know what to use?

@eradicatore are you still using this and would I be able to use this on another platform? Thanks