Z-Wave metering switch / force device-profile

I have four identical Telldus Plug-In Slim metering switches (MSR:0176-0003-0003).Three were removed from the ZWave network and unused for one year. The one that was connected got moved to a Z-Wave Switch edge driver with the metering-switch device profile. Metering worked for this one, perhaps because it had historical power data when it was connected. I could even switch it back to a non-edge driver and back again and I could still see power usage in the UI.

I can’t get the other three to work. Thet get binary-switch as device-profile. I tried manually using the old Z-Wave Metering Switch in the old website. No luck. I tried using the Z-Wave Device Config Mc to check both the working and non-workng switches have the same options. They did, but after switching the working one over to Z-Wave Device Config Mc and back to Z-Wave Switch it too stopped working and became a plain binary-switch :frowning:

Can I use the vanilla Z-Wave Switch driver but somehow forcefully change device-profile to metering-switch?

Cheers, Johan