Z-Wave Library Changes Feb 2017

Hi @duncan,

Any update on the next batch of changes to the Z-Wave library?

I’ve been doing a fair bit of Z-Wave device development in the last few weeks and have put together a list of issues and enhancement requests:

  • MultiChannelEndPointFindReport does not appear have an attribute listing the actual endpoints found. E.g. Raw command: “zw device: 09, command: 600C, payload: 00 10 01 01 02 03” is parsed to MultiChannelEndPointFindReport(genericDeviceClass: 16, reportsToFollow: 0, specificDeviceClass: 1). The actual endpoints [01,02,03] are missing. I would expect an endpoints attribute perhaps…?
  • Can we get support for the ConfigurationV3 command class? I’d like to be able to request and process CONFIGURATION_NAME_REPORTs, CONFIGURATION_PROPERTIES_REPORTs etc. in my Z-Wave Tweaker tool.
  • notificationv3.NotificationSupportedReport commands currently fail to parse (at least when they are extracted from security encapsulation). E.g. "Unable to extract security encapsulated command from: SecurityMessageEncapsulation(commandByte: [2, 16, 3], commandClassIdentifier: 113, commandIdentifier: 8, reserved13: 0, secondFrame: false, sequenceCounter: 0, sequenced: false)"
  • Is there a lookup function to translate commandClassIds and commandIds to human-readable names? E.g. something like zwaveUtils.lookupCommandName(commandClassId, commandId) perhaps, where lookupCommandName(0x70, 0x03) would return something like [commandclassName: "CONFIGURATION", commandName: "CONFIGURATION_REPORT"]. This would also be really useful in my Z-Wave Tweaker tool, where currently I’m doing a hard-coded lookup.

Thanks, z

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