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Z-wave garage door controller/ relay



Hey, guys

I’m new to Smartthings. I have one of these Hormman Promatics openers:

What would I need to control it with Smartthings?


(Ryder Cowan) #22

Thanks for the info. I’m now trying to use the Aeotec garage door controller. I’ve installed the device handler you recommended. As you say, the Aeotec paired as a switch. How do I assign the device handler after the Aeotec has paired, so that it is treated as a garage door controller?


Couldn’t you also simply create an IFTTT Applet “Trigger Open Garage Door” and the Service Action is “Switch On” or “Switch Off”? So simply asking “Alexa, Trigger “Open” Garage Door” or “Alexa, Trigger “Close” Garage Door” should work.

I personally am running the Echosistant SmartApp in ST which allows me to say “Alexa tell Home to Open or Close the Garage Door” without the need for IFTTT. I also have the MyQ Smart App which has a “Garage Door Closer” and “Garage Door Opener” switch associated that I can ask or tell Alexa to run as well.


Hi Guys,

Need some help plzz…

I have a roller shutter garage door that can be opened and closed using a small key remote or by pressing a button on control unit.

Any ideas how i can convert to work with smartthings using some sort of module??

I’ve taken a picture of the unit below:

It has 240v mains going in and then 4 wire going out the unit to the door motor.

20190106_145505.jpg3024x4032 3.54 MB

Any ideas would be apreciated .


I just used a Z-wave relay and wired it into one of the remotes, so it simulates you pressing a button on the remote. It has worked perfectly for over a year now.