Z-Wave from Lowes - Do you think I will get the right item? Wrong Model #?

So I have a Lowes Gift Card burning a hole in my pocket, and since the price is decent after 10% off discount, I figured would pick up several new switches. Found the Z-Wave Plus on / off switch, but just before pulling the trigger, I noticed the model number listed was 14295… But, yet want I think what I want is a 14291…

I thought the 14295 was a toggle style dimmer, yet the description and pictures show the rocker style on /off switch.

Has anyone ordered these from Lowes and received the rocker style? Do you think they will send the rocker on / off - or will they send the toggle dimmer?

Product Link

In general Hose isn’t very good at their descriptions and titles. Usually you have to follow the item number and not the pictures. At least then when you get the wrong thing you can show what item you bought compared to what you got.

With that said, even though you have gift cards, if you don’t need the Z-Wave plus you might want to see if any Walmarts in your area still have them on clearance. Or wait till they go on sale at Lowe’s as that price is pretty average

If you are ordering online to use the coupon, I would just order it and then pickup at store. If it’s wrong, you can just pull the part yourself.

However, they might just have the picture wrong…

I noticed a couple months ago the lowes product pages for several of the newer generation GE switches was a total mess. It’s too bad they haven’t fixed it.

I agree with @vseven, ignore everything except the model # on the page. If you don’t end up with what you were expecting, it shouldn’t be hard to exchange for the right product.

I hit the same issue several weeks back. In general I would agree, go with the model number but if I recall, the proper decora style switch model number doesn’t appear on the lowes website. I rolled the dice and ordered by the picture and did receive the decora style switches.

Yeah, Our walmart marked them down to $5.50 each (half off the $11 listed as the markdown) and I bought the only two left… but I keep checking just in case they ever get excess old stock

Not enough at the store… wanted 6 they only have 2 listed at the closest store

Yep! I did talk to a friend that works for lowes and he said they go by their item number which is tied to the product and that’s where the description comes from. It appears I will get the right product if that’s truly the case.