Z-wave exclusion/hub reboot in AWA - anyone know where they were moved to?

i dunno where they are now :slight_smile:

On the page for the hub in question.

does not appear on mine which is strange. possible it could be my new dns server causing an issue. nope…scratch that though. still clueless.

I am using chrome. Maybe a different browser would help.

chrome is not letting me login so I can’t test it there :frowning:

This is bizarre. I’m also using Chrome, just checked AWA, and it shows Z-Wave Exclusion & Hub Reboot just as @Paul_Oliver noted, @jkp – could it be something like scrubbing cookies/web history would let you back in on Chrome? :thinking:

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if no one else is experiencing the issue than it must be something on my end. I’ll explore later when i find some time.



Late to the party but it’s fine in the AWA for me. Chrome browser on Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E and Android 14 on Google Pixel 4a 5g.

…from a different browser:

yep… the issue is definitely on my end. I can get them to show for about 1 minute. Scratching my head trying to figure out the exact issue as logs are not giving any errors.

Solved finally!