Z-wave enable module and z-wave disable module

What are these two items in the hub settings and what do they do?

Z Wave is a Mesh network protocol for most HA devices you buy. The Enable turns it on so ZWave devices can talk to your hub and Disable does the opposite. Repair makes the Hub recheck and attempt to fix any ZWave network issues.

Looks like Z-Wave on my hub will automatically re-enable itself after a few minutes. Is there a way to keep it shut off? I’m not using any ZWave devices and would like to turn it off.

reviving an old thread. Just bought a Smartthings hub. Is it possible to disable the zwave radio on it? i cant see the settings this thread is discussing. Thanks.

Thanks RBoy. I figured this out a while ago. Hopefully this will be useful for anyone else who comes across it.

One thing i did notice is that this resets every time the hub restarts. So you have to keep going in and disabling. Not a show stopper, but it would be nice if the settings persisted.

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As of the latest firmware it resets about a second after you disable it, you don’t even need to reboot.