Z-Wave devices are largely "read only"

Hello! For the last month, most of my z-wave switches are not controllable via app or automation. Brands include UltraPro, Zooz, Leviton, HomeSeer, GE, Honeywell. Nothing has changed in my environment. I’ve reset the hub, cycled my house power, and rebuilt my z-wave network to no avail. Most of these switches used the standard OEM Samsung Z-wave driver, but I have updated to the MC’s Z-Wave Sensor without resolution. These devices are all online, local as normal, and report back state (on/off/dim level.) But if I initiate a change, even from the ST app, it can take several minutes to adjust, if at all. After power-cycling my entire house, I observed it resolve for about a half a day.

Has anyone else experienced this recently? Fallout started approx. a month ago. I may go back to Hubitat, but with 8+ years in ST, I’d had to hare to reset my 150+ devices.

Appreciate any guidance or similar stories anyone can share, and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

There have been some similar reports from people who were running out of memory on the hub because they had too many custom edge drivers installed.

So the first thing you can do is look and see which, if any, custom drivers you do have installed And if you are indeed using all of them. :thinking:

You should also definitely open an official support ticket since they can see things from their side that we as other customers cannot.