Z-wave device disconnects after a few days

I’m using a Minoston MP22Z z-wave outdoor on/off outlet to control some outdoor landscape lights instead of the old school timer. The easiest way is to locate the switch in the transformer box in place of the timer.

Of course, a metal box isn’t great for z-wave signals. To get a strong signal, I installed an indoor z-wave outlet/repeater in the exterior wall less than a foot from the exterior box/transformer. I first installed the indoor outlet and ran a z-wave repair. Then I installed the outdoor outlet and added it and ran repair again.

Worked great for 2-3 days and then the MP22Z goes offline/unavailable. Re-running z-wave repair doesn’t fix it. Re-adding it to the Smartthings controller brings it back and it works again for another 2-3 days before it drops off.

I’m assuming this is just the effect of the metal case it is in? Odd that it works fine for a few days and then breaks.

Offline means it didn’t response to the pings from the hub. Could it be that your repeater is having trouble? Did you check the routing table in the IDE for your device and your repeater?

So when it was offline, it was showing direct connect to the hub which is probably optimistic.

Did a replace and rebuild zwave and it now shows connected to some light switches about half-way between.

Honestly, I wonder if the outlet is too close and that is causing issues, but I generally don’t have much problems in multi-gang boxes with zwave devices having issues?

That said, in general zwave devices do not seem to route at all like I’d imagine they would so no idea if this is “good” or “bad”. Guess I’ll wait to see if after a few days it’s stable.

Last night it turned the lights on but not off. The route has changed, now it’s showing it’s going through the outlet/relay I just installed. Of course, the device is now offline. Anyways, started another zwave repair, but historically that doesn’t help.

Maybe I need to remove the outlet/relay?

Try it, it could be a problematic outlet or try a factory reset and re-pairing the outlet incase it’s having issues with the pairing.

So I actually have two of the Minoston outdoor outlets… the second one doesn’t seem to be having the same problem in the house like the 1st one does. I guess the next thing to try is moving the 2nd one to control the outdoor lights. I might just have a defective Minoston outlet.


I am using one of these outdoor outlets. One of the current problems I am having is that, if I use the SmartThings app to turn on the outlet, the outlet then loses connection with the hub.

If I turn off the outlet by pushing the button on the outlet itself, it will reconnect.

Any ideas?


I don’t know your problem, but I can say replacing mine solved the issue. It’s been stable for over a month and no problems.