Z-wave current sensor--smartapp to display current usage?

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I just ordered 3 house current monitors that are z-wave. I have a smartthings hub and only one z-wave switch now, to start.
I have solar power, and was wondering if there is an app that might integrate the current sensors, and show power usage? I would have to tell the app which sensor is either generating, or adjusted load(from the grid).
I plan to order infrared sensors for outside to turn on flood lights and such next.

Or, is this something I have to do myself? I have 20+ years as a C programmer for micros.
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Glen K4KV
Moultrie, GA

Welcome! What’s the brand and model of the Z wave current sensors? I’m sure there will be multiple ways to do this, but someone might’ve already created one for that specific model.

Meanwhile, you might also want to take a look at the various logging projects, as many people use those to monitor energy use.

There’s a good round up thread here:

You can also take a look at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki for logging smartapps and project reports.


Also, as someone with a strong technical background, you might find the following of interest. :sunglasses:

also do a search for your solar system on here. We have our Enlighten system integrated with a community device handler.

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There’s also a quick browse list for device type handlers for solar systems. :wink: