Z-Wave byte commands

Does anyone know how to find out the byte level commands to send to a Z-Wave LED lightbulb to make it turn off immediately?

If I send the raw byte command 0x26 0x01 0xFF, the LED bulb turns off, but it dims off slowly for about a second or two.

The LED bulb comes up as a multilevel switch.

This is all probably related to the device type definition, but I just need the raw byte command that performs the off action without dimming.

An alternative would be if there is some sort of “Identify” command that causes the LED bulb to flash - the same way it flashed when it joined the Z-Wave network. I have used an identify command on Zigbee. Is there an equivalent for Z-Wave?


[quote=“canalrun, post:1, topic:37012”]
[/quote]I’m assuming that was a typo, but if not, try 0x00

Nope. No typo. I was totally amazed also.

I tried using 0x00 and the bulb did nothing.

As far as I can tell, the values of that command are supposed to mean:

0x01: Level
0xFF: Factory default

I have played around with the values, and I can’t seem to make sense of the results. I think I probably have the meanings of the second and third values incorrect.


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I tried using 0x00 and the bulb did nothing.
[/quote]Have you tried sending the 0x00 command with zwave.switchbinaryV1.switchBinarySet? I’m somewhat new to device handlers so I’m probably wrong, but I thought all switches accepted the basic on/off binary command and just built additional functionality on top of it.

Edit: Maybe also try setting it using: zwave.basicV1.basicSet