z-Wave Button

Is there anything about the size of the Flic, but Z-wave. I see the Iris panic, presence fob, and button, but they are zigbee. I have zero zigbee on the back half of my condo, and the hub and the back deck are the farthest points apart in my house. But… I have a number of Z-Wave stuff there to mesh with. I love the Flic, but, it is not going to blue-tooth to my phone from on the deck… looking for something to turn my back deck ceiling fan on, but it needs to be small. Right now I am using an Iris motion detector inside a small brass turtle (I remove the turtle back to turn on and off the fan, but it is zigbee, and is being hit or miss. Thanks

I like the Aeon minimote. 4 buttons, with short/long preses. Rechargeable battery. Its fairly tiny, about the size of the ATV remote.

You could also set up an open close zwave contact to the turtle. Remove the back (that has the magnet) to trigger an event. There are some contacts that you can have remote leads attached to.

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Yep. The Aeon devices are all zwave:

<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/smartthings/original/3X/1/2/12fe4f0d5b77b5da1d19b66969109d5506068293.jpeg" width="300 height=“300”>

There’s also a small 8 button zwave device from remotec which gives you a lot of options:

As for the motion sensor in the turtle, the brass is going to be a problem in getting signal through. I would consider looking for a plastic or wood alternative case.