Z-Wave Bulb Device Handler?

Does anyone have a device handler for z-wave bulbs such as the GoControl and Linear LB60Z-1, and the Domitech DTA-19??

They are added as Z+wave device and it would be nice to have them properly configured…

Did you do a forum search? There have been a number of threads on these.

It will help to know that to both Zwave and zigbee ZHA A dimmable bulb is the same device class as a dimmer switch. So typically you can just use the generic dimmer switch DTH for a bulb that connects directly to the hub.

If it is a white only bulb, just use the generic Z wave dimmer and you should be fine.

Of course if you have a color changing bulb then your immediate thought is “what dimmer switch has RGBW controls?” And the first one that was popular was the fIbaro RGBW micro. So when you do you search the forums, you will see that initially many people just used the fibaro RGBW device type for the bulbs. This works fine in most cases.

@tyler what’s the recommended DTH for an RGBW zwave bulb? Is it still @twack 's Fibaro code? Or did an official one get released with the Aeon RGBW bulb ? :sunglasses::bulb:

I did do a forum search and can’t seem to find anything.

Just plain white dimmable bulbs like the Linear or Domitech.

I currently have them set as “Z-Wave Dimmer” but would rather have them as a proper bulb type!

That is a proper bulb type. :sunglasses: Neither zwave nor the zigbee ZHA standards distinguish between a dimmable bulb and a dimmer switch when it comes to device type. Or a dimmable pocket socket. They’re all functionally dimmer switches.

They use the same commands, and typically use exactly the same chip.

Error post

I made a Z-Wave bulb handler by merging the UI of the GE Link Bulb with the Z-Wave Device type. On/Off is fine but I don’t know how to make the dimmer work. Need to match up the attributes. Can someone help!?


This seems like it should be pretty easy, noone can help?