Z wave association groups Aeotec wall mote?

There are lots of battery operated devices which can trigger either an on/off for a device of any other protocol (messages are sent through the hub), or which could trigger a SmartThings scene.

The problem is dimming. You can use the official smart lights feature to have one dimming device “mirror” another one, But the problem is that most battery operated devices don’t offer dimming messages that go through the hub. That’s going to be the tricky part. Usually mirror dimming Is done between two mains powered devices.

Do you really need dimming, or do you think you could use a choice of scenes?

If you’re OK just with a choice of scenes, then take a look at the buttons FAQ. There are a lot of different devices there, some mains powered, some battery.

Each post should include a link to a discussion thread about that specific device, so please post any phone questions about that device in that discussion thread, not in the FAQ itself. Thanks! :sunglasses:

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings