Your Smart Things Setup

(Craig Caruso) #1

Just wondering what everyone’s set is in their home with their smart things

This is what I have:

Smart Sense Multi: On my front door, for when it opens

Smart Power Outlet: On my Air Conditioner in my bedroom, turn on and off remotely.

Apps Installed

Bad Weather
Notify Me When

(Chrisb) #2

Well, I ordered the Double Pack from Kickstarter, and added lots of other Z-wave stuff too, so my list is a lot bigger, but I know others who dwarf even what I have:

For my Garage:
Open/Close sensor on both garage doors setup as a: SmartSense Virtual Garage Sensor Button
Intermatic outlet for each garage door with tied to a relay, tied to the push button.
Program: Virtual Garage triggers outlet (my program, shared in the App area), so that tapping the SmartSense Virtual Garage Sensor Button tile will trigger the outlet to turn on and then turn off 5 seconds later.

For my House:
Main Floor:
Open/Close sensor on all three doors.
Kiwkset Door lever handle on side door.
Jasco/GE threeway dimmer on dinning room light
Jasco/GE On/Off on Kitchen light
SmartOutlet in the den with my wife’s tablet dock plugged in to it.
SmartOutlet in dinning room with my laptop powercord plugged in.
Honeywell Thermostat
Program: Turn on when Open, Only at Night. (my program, shared in the App area) turns on kitchen light when side door is opened, but only at night during times I put in.
Program: Notify me when it opens (on side door and on back door, really just more for testing than anything else)
Program: Power Allowance on Tablet Docking station. When tablet needs to be charged we turn on the outlet, automatically turns it off 4 hours later.

Other floors:
Computer Room: Jasco/GE Dimmer for overhead lights
Master Bedroom: Jasco/GE in wall Outlet with my smartphone charger plugged in.
Program: Once a Day, turns on the outlet at night around bed time so when I plug in my phone to charge it’s on, then turns off early in the morning so it isn’t running all day when my phone isn’t plugged in.

(Brian Steere) #3

Open/Close sensor for bedroom window

Open/Close sensor for garage door

Motion sensor for upstairs

Motion sensor for downstairs

SmartOutlet attached to light upstairs.

Nest thermostat using custom device type (partially functional)

Program: Security/Nightlight (shared) Turns on the upstairs light when mode switches to night. Turns off at configured time. Turns on again if motion detected and leaves on for configured time after motion stops.

Program: Custom Sunrise/Sunset mode changer. Because the original one wasn’t reliable when I started.

As soon as more SmartThings become available for purchasing I will be acquiring additional outlets and sensors. Having four sensors and a single thing to control doesn’t do me much good.

(Daniel) #4

Dianoga, is there any way that you can publish your custom Sunrise/Sunset app for others to use?

I rely on it for a lot of actions and it is pretty unreliable.

(Brian Steere) #5

@drmcclin I’ve shared my Sunrise/Sunset code, but as I understand it the official one has been updated to be more reliable.

(Daniel) #6

the official Sunrise/Sunset app does indeed appear to be more reliable these days. Thanks Dianoga, and thanks to whoever fixed it!

(Ryanwebb) #7

Here’s my device list…I still have 3 more Aeon Multisensors, 4 more Schlage Contact Sensors, and 4 more GE/Jasco Switches to install. Most are working great, although I do sometimes have trouble with the Smart Things motion sensor.

(Cory S) #8

@ryanwebb so the Aeson Multisensors are working good? I was going to buy one, but the amazon reviews were filled with complaints about the battery draining in a matter of days, or if you plugged it in the thermometer being several degrees off.

(Ryanwebb) #9

I’m only using them for motion right now, not sure how accurate the temp measurements are yet. The first one has been installed close to a month, and it shows 92% left on the battery, the one I have outside has been installed about 2 weeks and still shows 100% battery.

(Blake Westerdahl) #10

@coryds I have had one for several weeks after initally being put off by the Amazon reviews. From what I read, the key is to update the sensor’s firmware to the newest version (1.18) since it is almost impossible to tell what firmware it shipped with. I did this and haven’t had any issues on either my original Vera controller or my new Smart Things hub. I am using it for motion, temp, humidity, and light so I am not getting the battery life Ryan is seeing. I am expecting the batteries to last about a month and half. The temp reading has been consistently +/- 2 degrees which is fine for my application. Overall I am very happy with it.

@ryanwebb Where you able to generate that list (in post #3934) from the Smart Hub?

(Cory S) #11

Ah, so the more sensors you utilize the faster it drains the battery? Have you tried plugging it in to see if it throws the temp off? A review I read said plugging it in allows it to poll faster, but it also makes the internals heat up more throwing off the readings.

(Blake Westerdahl) #12

I think (i.e. haven’t actually tested) the more sensors used and frequency of polling drains the battery faster. With the Vera, I had the ability to go in and adjust the settings in the sensor on a really granular level. You could set the poll time or even turn off each sensor individually. I don’t think the Smart Things hub has this capability (at least not that I can access).

When I get the chance, I’ll try plugging it in. It is currently mounted to the ceiling of my son’s room, so plugging it in on an everyday basis isn’t an option.

(Ryanwebb) #13

I generated that list from the Smarthings Build developer tools.

Although I’m not really using my Aeon multisensors for temp/humidity/luminance, it’s still polling them all constantly, so I dont see how that would affect the battery life any differently.

(Ryanwebb) #14

Strange, my indoor Aeon multisensor just dropped from 92% battery to 83%.

(Cory S) #15

I don’t think the battery levels are too accurate. I have some battery powered devices that will hop around from 60-85% from do to day. One last question, is the motion sensor quick to detect motion, or does it have a polling rate that delays it?

(Ryanwebb) #16

My motion sensors all detect fairly quickly (although my Smart Thing Motion sometimes doesn’t detect at all). The delay from motion to the tile indicator showing it is a second or less I’d say.

(Blake Westerdahl) #17

Mine also reports motion quickly. I am having some inconsistency in the reset period. Half the time I see the 60 seconds mentioned in other places in the forums. The other half it resets randomly between 15 to 45 seconds.

(Aaron Powell) #18

I have made semi automatic pocket door lights, its hinges serve as connector to power sources, safe because the hinges are rubber protected. I got the door from
and I have it modified.

(Different Computers) #19

Here’s what I have.

My Pump Switch controls the pond pump, turning it off at night when it isn’t so cold the lines will freeze or so hot that the fish need the aeration.

Dark Day Switch is a virtual switch controlled by IFTTT’s weather channel.

The Attic Trap is for telling me if I’ve caught a squirrel. Since we’ve sealed the squirrel out of the attic now, I need to repurpose that Multi.

I have no complaints at all about the Monoprice Motion Sensors. Well, maybe they’re a little slow to send a notification. Maybe.

My Zigbee Dimmers are really Lowes IQ LED bulbs.

(Tim Slagle) #20
7 SmartSense Multis
     -One for garage Door
         -Turns on garage light when open
         -Notified if opened when away
     -3 outside doors
          -Notified if opened when away
          -Notified if Knocked on or hit while away
          -Turns off thermo when open
     -2 windows
        -Notified if opened when away
        -Turns off Thermostat when open
     -Door leading to garage
         -Controls Garage Light
         -Works as second thermo for thermostat to keep house comfy

3 SmartSense Motion Sensors
    -One for each level of my house to control lights on that level

5 Jasco Light Wall Outlets

Hue Lights
    -Laundry Room
    -Front Foyer
    -Porch Light

2 Flood Sensors in the basement

Wireless Thermostat

    -Custom Smart Night Light that has caplability to dim lights
    -Custom Home/Away Mode app based off Nobody Home that allows for Night and Day modes for when a presence is home and away
    -Custom Scene App that includes Thermostat and Dimming Functions

Future plans
    -TCP Bulbs
    -Motion sensors in all rooms with a controlled light
        -Want to be able to control lights based on motion in the room not on that floor.
    -Garage Door Control
    -SmartSense Multis in the car doors to open garage door when about to leave
    -PlantLink with their outdoor vavle to automate irrigation
    -The @dianoga Netatmo integration to automate tons of notifications based on weather and such (take your time @dianoga, its worth the wait ;) lol)