"You don’t have access" error when adding GitHub repo in IDE settings

I get the error when trying to add in settings. “You don’t have access to tonesto7/st-community-installer”

probably because you misspelled tonesto7

Owner: tonesto7
Name: st-community-installer
Branch: Master

You can copy and paste the above if needed

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I may have here but on the computer I copied and pasted

can you post a screenshot of that portion of the screen where you are typing that data

Hi i am having the same problem. are you able to resolve the issue. if yes can you please share…

I also am getting the access error with this repository:

*You don't have access to Sandood/Ecobee-Suite*

Based on install instructions at GitHub - SANdood/Ecobee-Suite: Universal Suite for integrating Ecobee thermostats & sensors with Hubitat and SmartThings home automation platforms (Free!)

  • Owner: SANdood <— SAN in caps
  • Name: Ecobee-Suite (note that the hyphen is required)
  • Branch: master

if it still fails, take a screenshot of your repository settings and disconnect your github account in IDE and reauthenticate

I found the solution in another thread. Click the link that says disconnect then re-enable github and log back in.

My other repository was remembered and adding the new one worked.