You choose GE or Samsung Motion Sensor?

I want to buy a motion sensor but do not know which one to choose? Why?
Help me!
1- GE
2- Samsung

The GE is a Z wave device and can be run either from batteries or plugged in. The Samsung is a zigbee device and runs from batteries only. What repeating devices do you have? If you currently have mostly zwave repeaters, then the Z wave device might be a better choice. If you currently have mostly zigbee repeaters, then it would make sense to look at a zigbee sensor.

@TheSmartestHouse has a very good blog comparison of zwave sensors if you’d like to look at some of the features that vary from model to model. The GE device is very new, so I don’t think it’s been included in that article yet.



I have the GE and Samsung.
All my Samsung devices, besides the hub, are horrible.
I’ve found that third party devices work so much better.

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