You can finally play Spotify on multiple Amazon Echo speakers

Up until now Pandora was my only online service to be available with Echo multi-room.

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Still no support for Tap? :cry:

The problem with the tap is that out of the box it’s not an always listening device. That means it can’t be synchronized because it needs a button push to wake it up.

Mine is always listening / wakeword activated… I don’t think I needed to do anything special to activate that; just an automatic OTA firmware upgrade, I think… :thinking:

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Default settings require a Button Push. :sleeping: You have to change a setting in the app to enable always listening: Help: Turn On Hands-Free Mode for Amazon Tap

. Help: Set Up Your Amazon Tap

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Even with it always listening, it still can’t be used for multi-room. Which is just stupid in my opinion.

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Mental note: Do not buy Tap ever. :sunglasses:

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I really really wonder why? :confused:

Speculated there’s some critical hardware difference… Like the Bluetooth or WiFi chipset?

I think it’s more likely to have to do with network management. The other distinctive feature of the tap is that it’s mobile. At this point, all of the other echo devices have a known physical location. That does a number of different things, but as Sonos demonstrated, it’s critical to synchronization of music. Otherwise you get that issue where the same song is playing but just slightly off from the one in the next room. There’s a lot that goes into keeping everyone in sync, and knowing where they are is part of it. But I’m just guessing. :sunglasses: