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No problem, it will only cost you a SmartThings integration, thank you very much lol


You can also add OFF action to each Harmony Activity, so can have “watch tv on” and “watch tv off”.


@SBDOBRESCU – Haha! We are strongly considering a SmartThings integration. Lots of users requesting it…


@jpark40 – Excellent tip! We’re glad you found our latest blog helpful!

@YonomiCait Please support SmartThings integration, I’ve been wanting this for years. You guys would be Stringify to Android Support if you included SmartThings, they have yet to do this. As well, I’m looking at getting a Mimo Baby, and would love to integrate across Yonomi -> SmartThings


Smarthings isn’t supporting Harmony? I can turn on and off my hub with smartthings just fine. I could be mistaking what you are saying though.

There is already an official harmony/smartthings integration. And an official harmony/Yonomi integration . They are requesting a yonomi/smartthings integration. YonomiCait is a yonomi employee who posts in this forum from time to time. :sunglasses:

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Got it and yes that would be great!


Yonomi just extended support for Sonos!

This beats my hack-y implementation of the Sonos API with

Hi, I like the yonomi geofence but I try to find a way to trigger alexa device or routine from the yonomi app! I m able to run yonomi routine from alexa but I would like to run alexa routine from yonomi app. For now, I use a google sheet to monitor the online dashboard and check if my geofence is triggered…and then send a webhook to webcore to run a piston…or I can use a jailbreak phone but could be much simple if yonomi have virtual switch similar to smartthings…