Yonomi App

Has anyone seen this app yet? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yonomi/id991840741?mt=8

Thoughts on it? Maybe build ST into it?

It’s new for iOS, it’s been around for android for I don’t know, maybe six months. It’s interesting, but completely dependent on the devices having open APIs. So they have a really limited set of devices that they work with. And most of those already have IFTTT channels. So I’m not really seeing where it would fit into a smartthings picture, but if it happens have features somebody likes, why not?


JD, you might like this over IFTTT app now. I started using it today and it seems a great alternative to IFTTT and people are saying that they have had better results…

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I see they’ve added Harmony now, cool. I’ll take a look. Thanks! :sunglasses:

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Yonomi announced today new integration with Amazon Echo. For those using Harmony hubs, this is the best integration to date. You can now import Yonomi routines and fire them using Alexa. Turning the cable on, has never been easier. Alexa turn on the cable! No virtual switches needed, no mock harmony activities that fail more than they work…

Awesome. They have definitely been getting better. I can’t even remember why I didn’t use them after I downloaded it the first time (maybe it was just too touch-oriented), but with Alexa in the mix it’s a whole different deal. I’ll take another look. :sunglasses:

This app is getting better and better. I use the geo fence with this app to control my August lock and it works flawlessly. It integrates with my Nest thermostat as well. With the addition of Alexa this is becoming a killer app for automation. I also use Muzzley which too is getting much better and it actually learns as I use my devices so it has a little AI working within their app. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out over the next 12-18 months between these apps and whether ST can get their issues fixed and working adequately to be on par or even better.

I looked at it again last night, and I do like it. The echo integration is good as far as Voice control of their routines.

However, while it supports a more complex if statement then IFTTT, it’s actually much less powerful. That’s because it’s all about the “that” with very few options for the “if”.

Out of the box, the only possible if are date/time, geo presence of the device the Yonomi app is running on, and a few specific devices like the WeMo motion sensor or the UP band.

I use SMS, phone, email, and the maker channel on IFTTT for various recipes. These let me hook in many devices that don’t have official IFTTT integration, like Ibeacons, as Long as they can send a web request or a notification. Those options are not available for yonomi.

So as always, it comes down to your particular needs. If you want to control the set of devices for which it has official integrations, The addition of Echo is very nice. But other people will still find IFTTT more comprehensive.

Cool, something to check out.

For the harmony integration, it’s just Activity control, right? No vol/channel, etc?

So if there is no hub, can you control things in your house while away?

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It’s all cloud to cloud. So it’s really just like IFTTT in that way. If the device allows for remote control from the cloud, and integrates with yonomi, yes. It doesn’t replace any existing hubs or bridges.

I tried it and it’s not bad at all. It has a way to go, but it’s useful.

Or more like SmartThings without Zigbee and Z-Wave. :wink:

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More like IFT TT, I think. It’s using officially approved integrations with specific companies, not open APIs.

For example, it works with several WeMo devices. It works with schlage locks, but only two models – – and it doesn’t work with any other Zwave locks.

And there’s no way to modify or customize any of the integrations. You can’t fool it into thinking a Yale lock is a Schlage lock. All discovery is automatic.

I think you left out an important word :wink: See above…

Let’s just say it’s somewhere in between. :slight_smile:
Unlike IFTTT, Yonomi allows more complex rules, “IF x THEN y, but ONLY IF z”.

Also, makes me wonder, how come everyone seems to be able to create simple and intuitive smartphone apps, except for SmartThings? It is so hard to find an experienced UX designer and a couple of decent mobile app developers in Silicon Valley? :confused:



trying to control my august lock with alexa and she recognized the lock but won’t open…

Write Yomomi support. They should respond within a day or so. Quite a few people who have locks have reported that they have had to write to yonomi and Then they do something that enables lock capability.

trying to find their support number or email…