Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

Here’s the unhandled units from

        "barometricPressure": {
            "unitCode": "wmoUnit:Pa",
            "value": 102540,
            "qualityControl": "V"
        "precipitationLastHour": {
            "unitCode": "wmoUnit:m",
            "value": null,
            "qualityControl": "Z"

pretty wonky units, but I guess they’re base SI. Thanks again!

Regarding pressure, right now you can select kilopascals for the received pressure units, so if I added a Pascals option, that should address that one.

For precipitation, what does the ‘m’ mean exactly? Is that meters (that doesn’t make sense to use!) or millimeters?

Great, thanks!

I don’t know since it hasn’t actually had any number in it, but seems to be meters since the visibility, elevation and cloud level are also in the same unit. I’m going to say they report precipitation in meters, which, on the one hand doesn’t make sense when you’re talking about weather but does make sense if you’re trying to standardize to base SI units. But then they also report km/hr which should be m/s in base SI. :roll_eyes:

I’m going ahead and adding conversion for both.

And for everyone’s awareness, I’m working on the following additional updates:

  • Add min & max temp
  • Add wind gust
  • Remove UV index
  • Remove Dark Sky as source option
  • Fix labels

A driver update will be pushed out soon, but before I do I want to give everyone a heads up that this update will likely cause your existing devices to have errors. You will have to create new weather devices (with the new driver) using the button at the bottom of the Controls screen. Copy and paste your URLs to the new device and set up the rest of the device Settings (weather source, proxy address & type, and unit conversions).

I apologize for the inconvenience but there will be some benefits to do this such as the new fields I’ve added, plus immediate fixes to all the field labels on the device Controls screen.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Support for Weather Undergound
  • Correct labels on all fields
  • Addition of low and high temperatures (current conditions & forecast)
  • Addition of wind gust (current conditions & forecast)
  • More consistent setting of fields to 0 when no data is available
  • Changeout of dew point field to use SmartThings stock capability
  • Addition of unit conversion option of Pascals for received barometric pressure data (needed for US Gov)
  • Addition of unit conversion option of meters/hr for received precip data (needed for US Gov)
  • Removal of Refresh button: manual refresh can now be initiated with a standard swipedown gesture on the Controls screen
  • Removal of Dark Sky as Settings option
  • Removal of UV index field

One outstanding issue is that some fields are still not showing the units value. This is related to the SmartThings platform change that caused the labels to no longer work. Fix is TBD.

I will post again once I push the driver out, but be forewarned that once you have the new driver, you’ll need to create new devices.


So I am not very smart on docker or that kind of setup.

I did have KuKuharmony running inside a docker image. Somehow stumbled my way into making it work.

Since that is going away with the edge changes I’ll have a Pi available. My dilemma is I need to have this and another server for MyQ running.

Can I have both running on 1 Pi inside docker?

If so I guess I’ve got some reading and self education to learn how.

You’re asking specifically about edgebridge. And the answer is that there should be no problem running it along side other server apps on your Pi- regardless of whether you are running it inside Docker or not. Just make sure there are no conflicts in the ports being used. And if running inside Docker, be sure to configure your Docker container to enable the port for edgebridge (which defaults to 8088).

Thanks you for the quick reply.

I guess I have some work ahead of me. As I’d like to use this to grab my PWS data and also setup the MyQ edge.

Off to do some self education and experimenting.

Driver update has now been pushed out to your hubs:

Driver Version 2022-09-30T18:57:55.967110276

Please see my earlier post for details.

Once you confirm the new driver version is on your hub, you can create new devices, and when you have finished copying over your device settings from your prior devices, you can delete the prior devices.

Please report any problems or anomalies you see in reported values.

Additional info on Weather Underground support

Here are the URLs that have been tested:

Current Conditions:<yourstationid>&format=json&units=e&apiKey=<yourkey>


Edgebridge update

In case you hadn’t seen it, I had released a new version of the edgebridge server in a post here. You can upgrade to it when it is convenient; the prior version will continue to work just fine.

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I’m sorry to ask a silly question. Is there a way to force the driver update? I’m still seeing the 20220902 version.


You can use the CLI to update it.

Thanks @Terri_Baker! Do you have the command to run? I’ve tried “smartthings edge:drivers:install” and then selecting the edge weather driver, but its not pulling the latest.

Occasionally the driver version is not correctly shown in the app. Have you tried creating a new device? If you see the new min and max temperature fields then you know you have the update.

Tried that. Dark Sky (which I understood to have been removed) is still an option in settings.

When you see the list of drivers to install it should also show the version. Is it showing the right one? And you’re not getting any errors when it installs?

You may have an issue with your hub and a reboot might be needed. However I’d report this to SmartThings.

I also have tried “smartthings edge:drivers:install” and then selecting fron list the Edge Weather V1 driver.

Then I tried “smartthings edge:drivers:installed”

Driver Id 52498ca5-55b3-47a2-859e-5d9159c751f2
Name Edge Weather V1
Version 2022-09-02T01:35:38.321971985

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The hub is still showing the 09-02 version. Not getting any errors installing the driver or device.

Ill try a reboot of the hub here in a little bit. Thanks for the tip!

I tried a hub reboot and that didn’t help.

Just for a sanity check, can you confirm this is the correct channel?
TAustin Driver Tests 42512f35-e905-416d-8696-479587f23fe2

Thank you so much for your help!

@j18hockey @TapioX @bthrock

OK guys, something fishy is going on. You are not doing anything wrong. I checked the channel and it still was showing the previous driver version! I’ve just pushed out again the updated driver and confirmed that it is showing up on the channel now:

 Edge Weather V1 
     Driver ID:  52498ca5-55b3-47a2-859e-5d9159c751f2
     Version:  2022-09-30T18:57:55.967110276

If this was my error I sincerely apologize!

Forced an install through the CLI and its now showing the correct version! Reinstalled the device and its also pulling the 0930 version now. Thank you so much for your help!

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