Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

Trying ‘python’:

MacBook-Pro-Diego:~ diegoguerra$ python
  File "", line 64
    print (f'\033[91mHTTP Send error sending response: {responsetosend}\033[0m')
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Can last update time be added? It’d be nice to know when data was updated.

I’ll look at adding that in my next update.

So what I did , I replace my location that was my house and I search for my city and now it’s working , but I have no data on precipitation ,dewpoint,uv …

Thank you

I finally got this edge driver to install and am using openweather.

How long should it take to update with current temps?

You can swipe down on the Controls screen to initiate an immediate update. Otherwise it depends on your Refresh Rate setting, which keep in mind is in MINUTES.

Not all weather data sources return data for all the fields you see in the Controls screen. If no data is available, then generally they are set to 0. However for dewpoint this causes some confusion since if it doesn’t exist then it is set to 0C, which is 32F.

Does this look correct? These are just generic city coordinates in Arizona. It says it’s been 68°F since I added it.
When I try the url on a browser I get back the correct data.

I would recommend just plugging each of those 2 URLs into a browser to see if they work.

If you get back data and no errors, they should be good. Then the next thing to check is edgebridge - is it running and are you seeing activity when you do a refresh?

Thats what i believed.
Not a request but as a side note maybe for polish the app , if it’s possible to enable or disable what we are getting info !!
Merci pour tes contributions !!

Apologies for all the questions!
RPi, CLI and such is all new to me and I figured someone may be willing to help me learn.

I was having issues with the weather not updating so I deleted everything including the bridge file on my pi and reinstalled everything and got it working.

A couple questions…
How do I check if it’s running? Do I just open the cmd window and run the ./edgebridge4pi command?

In reading and trying to learn more, I saw in the edge bridge server README it says

You can start it manually or preferrably, configure your computer to auto start the program as a service whenever it reboots.

How do I set this on the raspberry pi?
Does anyone have any good documentation or YouTube videos you can point me to to learnore?

So the addition of WU/PWS may be all that is needed, but another one to look at is Tempest/WeatherFlow.

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I will push out an update to the driver that supports weather underground shortly!

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FYI, I am conversing with Terri on a private thread to get him up and running. I have a new edgebridge update coming out soon that will include additional documentation for auto-starting at boot time.

Well guys, I was ready to push out an update to the driver that adds support for weather underground, but I am seeing that any new devices created now all have “Untitled” for labels - not even the raw names/attributes that has been showing lately. So things have gone from bad to worse in this regard.

If anyone is itching to get weather underground running and is willing to put up with no labels, you can direct message me and I’ll point you to a prelim test version you can test drive.

But for now, I’m going to hold off on any driver updates until we find out what’s going on with these labels.


That’s good addition. I’m going to buy new RPi4 later today and use it as a server. Biggest issue I’ve had has been with laptop I’ve used as a server. It is using wifi and kept dropping connection all the time and so did all my LAN based drivers.

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thanks this is working for me!

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I’m using OpenWeather as the source. Is it possible to get Hi and Low temp for the day?

Another vote for High/Low temperature of TODAY and for TOMORROW. As far as I can tell from the data, currently it reports the tomorrow’s temperature at a 24-hour offset? I have not looked at the code.

On another note, I tried using the API and it’s real bad. The forecast comes through in different units than the current conditions. Current conditions are also reported as Pascals, rainfall in meters. I have also not gotten the device to pull the forecast. I have it set up through an edge server on my LAN.

And thank you for making this! This will be great!

and @Terri_Baker

Now that Dark Sky is EOL, I think it’s a good time to reassess all the fields, as they were originally conceived based on the data available from DS.

I’ll hopefully get to this sometime over the next week.

What I do now is to use the forecast for the next day, around mid-day.

My experience is that the current conditions endpoint is fairly reliable, but the forecast one, not so much. Regarding the units of measure, do you have them configured in device Settings? I don’t know where you are located, but I have received temp as celsius, precip rate as millimeters per hour, windspeed kpH,

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