Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

As far as I can see, those are just websites. I would need an open API of some sort to be able to fetch the weather data from programmatically.

No, just like @Mariano_Colmenarejo has option for multi tile in his thermostat driver Edge Weather could have that option.

This is the primary site and it works fine.


This is the 2nd site (updated) and it’s working after I fixed the URL.


Survey Wind direction or wind bearing

Wind direction is where the wind is coming FROM,
and wind bearing is where the wind is blowing TO.

Weather tile now use wind bearing.

Wind Bearing

TAustin asked to make a survey, which term best describes the wind.

What term do you prefer to used in Weather tile?
Wind direction or wind bearing

Can you pick your favourite and answer the survey?

Where is the survey?

I prefer wind direction, because that is where your short-term weather is coming from.

In addition I would like some text such as WNW in addition to degrees.

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Yes, I think we should ask if you all would prefer a text value like Paul mentions, or compass reading as it currently is… or both? And if we want to keep a compass reading, any preference on direction vs. bearing?

I’m waiting for my RPi to arrive so haven’t installed this driver yet but I would prefer the text direction as Paul mentioned.

I think that both ( text value and compass reading ) is the best solution.

I agree that both text and compass reading would be the best option using the traditional wind direction (where the wind comes from).

Thanks for all the input - keep it coming! I’ve got a couple things to update and the wind direction will be one of them. Hope to have a driver update ready in a few days.


I think it’s easier to use, which gives good forecasts for the Nordic countries.

See Locationforecast for different ways of obtaining the forecast for a particular latitude and longitude. Not sure if you’d need classic, compact or complete. But there you can find request URLs.

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Openweather provides a free tier api key with creating an account.
This seems like it would check off most people wants/needs in the weather department, might be worth looking at… :person_shrugging:


Driver update!
version: 2022-08-17T20:06:01.738083342


  • Added new wind direction field to provide text abbreviations
  • Wind compass reading changed to direction (from) instead of bearing
  • Fix to FMI cloud cover calculation
  • Fix to cloud showing for precip rate in tomorrow section

As this driver update makes a change to the device controls screen, you may experience a short period of errors or broken cloud on the wind direction field until your devices are fully refreshed.

Next…I’m going to take a closer look at @K_White 's suggestion regarding Openweather support.


This is great start! Ever consider getting this to work for Cumulus and WeeWX weather station server? Currently I have an ecowitt station and use Cumulus running locally to capture data and host web . But only really use it for API calls through WebCore. Very simple json. Use it for temp uv solar triggered automations. With groovy going away, I’m starting to find alternatives to get my local weather data into smart things.

FYI… API docs for Cumulus MX. Cumulus MX Local API - Cumulus Wiki I am no LUA dev, so deciphering all of what is in github will take a bit for me.

Thanks, I’ll look at this when I can!

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Can you add meto for Poland?

Info can be downloaded by entering the ID of the Meteo Station, the list is here:

then, to read the data, you can go to the link with the Station ID, e.g. for Warsaw (the capital of Poland): 12375

Thanks :wink:

Quick update to the driver was just pushed out (version 2022-08-20T00:22:29.726998564).

:wind_face: :compass:

Based on feedback, I’ve added a settings option to select the wind direction abbreviations you prefer: either 8 directions (N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW) or 16 directions (N,NNE, NE,ENE,E,ESE,SE,SSE,S,SSW,SW,WSW,W,WNW,NW,NNW)

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After the driver update device didn’t refresh itself automatically. Last refresh was almost seven hours ago. I guess that was the time when driver was updated. Manual refresh fixed it.

Will the controller automatically update (edge drivers) itself or do I have to remove and add it again? I noticed that some of my drivers do not update themselves … maybe it’s just childhood problems of the new solution