Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

Would love to see Swedish weather from SMHI added. API at SMHI Open Data API Documentation (including examples). Not sure what URLs to provide. XML?

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I’ll put it on my list!


That is quite strange. Thanks for posting the log. It is unable to create the device for some reason, but there is no error message so I don’t know why. I suppose you could try the 'ol hub reboot!

If you can hold off a bit, I’m going to be pushing out a new driver in a couple days. Then if you’re still having this same problem, we’ll have to dig into this some more.

yeah no problem thanks

Usually virtual an LAN devices are found instantly when I hit the scan button but with this one I had to run whole scan through to find it. And it was found only after second scan.

Anyone that is familiar with Dark Sky data: can you confirm if the ‘precipIntensity’ values are in mm/hr if the parameter units=si is used? I’m seeing very small floating point numbers come back (e.g. .15, .1089, .0222, etc.), which doesn’t seem right. I believe SI units for precipitation intensity are supposed to be mm/hr.

In app, it shows In/HR.

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Edge Weather driver update is now available on my test channel.

If you already read my deleted post, please disregard the first paragraph (juggling too many drivers)! The following is what I should have written:

Although this driver is an update to the original, it would be best if you deleted any existing devices you have, uninstall the driver, then choose to install it again from the test channel. Apologies for the extra work, but because of some changes I made, it would be best to start from scratch or you could run in to unpredictable behavior. This extra step shouldn’t be required for future updates.

If you’ve set up weather source URLs in an existing weather device, be sure to save them so you can copy/paste into the new device settings.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Added button to create additional weather devices (in new ‘Utility’ component section)
  • Removed slider graphic from Precip intensity and Atmospheric pressure fields to accommodate other units of measure
  • Added additional fields to ‘Tomorrow’ (forecast) section: precipitation rate, cloud cover, wind speed
  • Expanded unit options in device settings for Precip intensity and Atmospheric pressure
  • Added Finnish Meteorological Institute as weather source option*
  • Miscellaneous other fixes/changes

* It was found during testing of the FMI weather API that a change is required in the Edge bridge server, so if you plan to use FMI as a data source, make sure you download the latest version of the edgebridge app from my github repo.

New Driver Info
Channel Link
Name: Edge Weather V1
Driver ID: 52498ca5-55b3-47a2-859e-5d9159c751f2
Version: 2022-08-05T17:37:04.502044756

For more information, refer to the README file on my github repository.


Thanks for the update.

Some observations. I am us US weather service as my source.

  1. Main section - weather summary is blank.
  2. Tomorrow section - humidity = 0% & precipitation rate has cloud with slash.
  3. When I create a 2nd location it doesn’t work (say checking and all sections have clouds with slashs) unless I use the same weather station as the original location.

hi im in the uk and havent a clue what to look for as in weatger sites but would this work . thanks

got a free acount but cant figure out how to get the data ?


Could there be option for multitile? Now dashboard only shows temperature but with multitile more info could be available and no need for opening the device.

Here what I found .

Thank again !!

I experienced similar issues. shows Edge Weather online and active but phone app says checking.

You can monitor the driver operation using CLI command

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat --hub-address=192.168.x.x

Weather driver’s log is very good

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The US Gov site has fairly limited data available. It does not have a text weather summary, humidity or precip rate in the forecast data. However, the precip rate should just show 0 and not have a cloud, so I’ll look into that.

The driver data parsing is very dependent on the data coming back, so if you have a second device with a different URL, perhaps it’s not returning data in the same format. Could you tell me the URL you are using and I’ll test it? (DM me if it contains any private data).

I’ll check it out…

You would want to have separate devices for the different measurements?

Sounds like an app issue. Give it some time to see if it clears up. Sometimes it requires exiting the device and going back in later, or exiting the mobile app and restarting it. I’ve seen similar issues lately.

I looked through the documentation and I’m having a hard time understanding things. I’d prefer JSON data, so if you can make some headway in figuring out what the URLs would be for current observations and forecast that would be helpful. From what little I could figure out it seemed that you had to fetch the data one ‘parameter’ at a time. I’m looking for a URL that would return all the key weather measurements in one shot for a particular location.