Yeelight Sunflower

Has anyone tried the ZigBee Yeelights Sunflower yet? I have ordered a set just to try them out to see if they work with SmartThings. I’m hoping they will pair with SmartThings, but I am worried about the color control. The Yeelights have shipped but will take over a week to get here from China.

What do you suppose this “limitation” from the official site means?

Limitations Can not be used in closed spaces or outdoors

No clue but these look pretty much like Hue’s. I assume they are a lot cheaper?

I paid $99 for the starter kit including FedEx shipping. So they’re half the price of Hues. I’m anxious to try them.

When I click the “Pre Order” link it takes me to a “Contact Us” page. I wanted to see how much they cost and what (# of bulbs) was included.

It includes 3 bulbs and a ZigBee hub. I bought through They aren’t for sale in the US but you can order from China with US compatible hardware.

I just checked Fedex tracking and they will be here Thursday. I’ll give some feedback once I get them installed.

That’s a pretty common warning for LED bulbs, especially “smart” versions. By “closed spaces” they mean fully enclosed lighting fixtures. It probably means that the design of the bulb dissipates heat in a way that is hindered by being fully enclosed. And the outdoor limitation is common as well.

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Sounds like you’re right. I found the GE Link warning, which is much clearer:

Use in operating environments ranging between -20°C and +40°C (-4°F and +104°F.)
• Not for use in totally enclosed luminaires.
• Not intended for use in emergency light fixtures or exit signs.

Hey could you share the link that you used to buy it?

This is what I bought from a different seller

The seller I purchased from is sold out. My Yeelights arrived today and are waiting at home. I’m still stuck at the office.

I will give some feedback on them once I get them up and running.

I got to try the Yeelights last night. SmartThings won’t see them. I got the connected using the provided Zigbee hub. I have about 20 Philips Hue bulbs in my house and I have to say that these are much more responsive. I’m also very impressed with the colors and the responsiveness.

They have an open API so hopefully someone with some knowledge can get these to work with SmartThings. They have their API on their website.

If these had been around before I bought the Hue bulbs I would have went with these over the Hue.

I got a chance to experment more and the bulbs are recognized by SmartThings. I thought I could at least get it to recognize as a zigbee bulb with on/off but it was a no-go.

hi, its been a while i thought maybe you have any news about the yeelight…?
Were you able to connect its with smartthings at last?
Im curious because I’m interested on buying the yeelight blue II bulb. It runs on bluetooth and the new ST hub has support for Bluetooth. U think it would work?

Although there is a Bluetooth radio in the new smartthings hub, it is currently inactive, and they have not given us a timeline for when it will be turned on. So at the present time a Bluetooth bulb will not work directly with the smart things hub.

Thanks for the hint JDRobers, i read the threads and noticed that. guess we have to wait and see when they enable it.

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Hi, I’m new on home automation,I saw the Samsung hub and I want to use this for my apartment,I have 16 lights on my apartment and i like Phillips hue however it’s way expensive buy all the lights I’m looking into yeelight because they are some how cheaper, can I control the lights maybe colors with the app? I’m looking into yeelight sunshine. Any help will be appreciated

I wish there was someway to mintegrate them with smart things. I guess the ZigBee frequency is different. I have the ZigBee version I have to control with their app which is crappy. The light colors are awesome with this bulb. The blue is a real blue unlike Hue.

Hi Brianh.
Thanks for sharing all your experiences.
I am struggle either to get smarthing or xiaomi hub for my home. Currently I have Samsung digital door lock. If I get smarthing, I can remote control it.
But if I get xiaomi hub. Then it can only communicate with Yeelight (thinking to connect more like speaker, tv… Won’t go for any security alarm nor cctv…)

Mind to tell us the product pro and con for xiaomi hub and smarthing hub?

Although xiaomi have lot side product. But mostly not very useful eg.rice cooker, air purifier…
I think smarthing has more protential in future.

Now we know Yeelight does not compatible with smarthing, but does Hue bulb compatible with xiaomi hub?

Any pro and con can let us know about this two product? Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Looks like Yeelight have developed some device handlers for their devices…I post an update an another forum… It just needs to go through the approval process with Smartthings as it’s a cloud integration.

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Are the xiaomi products 220v? I’ve bought some of their battery powered stuff but I’m paranoid about getting bulbs and wired items that won’t work at home in the US. (We generally only use 220v in commercial buildings)