Yeelight integration

The same is true for me. Only the RGBW yeelight smartbulb (6 pcs) is offline. The adjacent KASA switches are working properly in ST. Yeelight offline ST (android app) but in its own application on Singapore server everything is fine. In the official version, registration is OK in ST. That’s how it worked for several months. Anyone have an idea?


I have the exact same issue with my bedside lamp. It looks like it’s a problem in the ST app. The light works fine when controlling it through the Yeelight app or Google Home. On Smartthings it appears offline. I deleted and added it again, back online but only for 1 day, and offline again.

Funny thing is that I use Sharptools which connects to Smartthings to control the devices, and it works when controlled on Sharptools! So the connection with ST is working, but the app shows the device offline…

I had also an odd issue yesterday when all my devices stopped responding on the app for 30 minutes or so, but the Rules and automations were still running normally, both local and cloud based.

Really thing the app needs fix…

Create a virtual switch in Smartthings and link to your Yeelight with automations in Sharptools. This should give you control in Smartthings.

That is a partial solution… The rule in Sharptools with this much conditions is way slower than controlling directly on ST or Google Home. Also, the main problem with a virtual switch is that it does not synchronize with the current status of the light. That light can be turned on by: Google home, Sharptools automation in the morning and manually… In all these cases, the virtual switch gets out of synch with the device só it’s useless…

I am currently using ST only as the hub for Sharptools and controlling everything in the Google Home app… Samsung has to fix this.