YAMLException error

When trying to package a driver with “smartthings edge:drivers:package [filepath]” it gives me this error:

I tried searching for similar issues but didn’t really find anything. Has anyone had this happen to them, if so how can I fix this?

That looks like a fingerprints file, which has a structure like …

  - id: "HEIMAN/SOS-EM"
    deviceLabel: HEIMAN Button
    manufacturer: HEIMAN
    model: SOS-EM
    deviceProfileName: button-profile
  - id: "frient A/S/MBTZB-110"
    deviceLabel: frient Button
    manufacturer: frient A/S
    model: MBTZB-110
    deviceProfileName: button-profile

It would appear you have lost the indentation on the deviceProfileName: line, or perhaps you have used a tab stop which isn’t acceptable. YAML files use spaces for indentation.