Yale z-wave lock offline

I’ve thought about this too. I have 2 ZWave networks as I’m running 2 hubs. I have quite a few ZWave devices in the area where this lock is so I might have better results pairing it with the other hub. The good news is, routines don’t vanish anymore when you delete a device. The routine will stay and a place holder will be put in place of the deleted device, you just click on it and scroll through and pick the new device you just added back in. I usually guesses from a list of similar devices, so that process is much easier now. I wish that had been there when I replaced my hub during the groovy/edge transition. I created placeholder devices by hand to keep my routines from just disappearing, but it’s much easier now.

Also, I switched to the RBoy Edge lock driver for my 3 locks and it provides a lot more features than the base ZWave lock. You might check it out, it supports a variety of ZWave locks including the Yale locks.