Yale z wave 216

I want to install @RBoy Custom edge driver for my yale z wave lock. Right now it is on a stock edge driver.

How do I put my hub in z wave exclusion mode?

Can I just delete the lock and re add it? do I have to do the exclusion process? How do I do the exclusion process? I’ve looked on the Internet and I can’t find anything.

You shouldn’t need to exclude the lock. You should be able to install the Edge driver and switch the driver being used by the lock. To switch drivers, you can perform that action from the ST app or from the Advanced Web App. In the app, open your lock tile, tap on the 3 dots and select Driver and choose Select Different Driver and select the Edge driver you wish to use for the lock. You can also change drivers in the link I posted.

If the z-wave exclusion is needed. In the ST app, open the hub tile, tap on the 3 dots and select Settings and choose Z-Wave utilities. Z-wave exclusion can also be performed in the link I posted above.


That worked. Thank you. I was used to force-deleting devices to switch them from groovy to edge. I think that’s why I had in my mind that I had to do that.

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