Yale YRL256-ZW2-619 Assure lock problem with Smartthings app

Hi, I am new to the forums. I’ve had a Yale Assure YRL256-ZW2-619 lock for two months now and I haven’t been able to make it work with the android Smartthings app (1.7.40-21). I have my second Z-wave module from Yale, they thought it was defective at first, this second one is not working either. My hope is that somebody here has the same lock and can give me some pointers on how to make it work. I have other smart devices connected to my ST hub, so I am not a complete noobie, but this lock has really been a problem for me.
First of all in the Samsung app the after selecting Lock / Yale it goes directly to “Connecting your Zigbee lock”, I can’t get the option for Z-wave. The lock is supposed to have the second gen Z-wave module, it’s in the name. I did a search before posting this with the model number of my lock but there are no mentions of it.
I hope somebody can help, thank you.

try Other > Generic z-wave and see if that finds it

The lock “join the wireless network” timed out but the app added something new as a “Z-Wave Device” but it just says connected, no battery level, lock/unlock button, no history, etc.

Couple of things:

  1. If you’re using a Z-Wave module, the 28.11 hub firmware has an issue with non plus devices which may render it non functional. You can wait until they release the patch and see if that helps.
  2. If you have access to RBoy Apps, you could try using a custom device handler specifically built for Yale locks like this Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock DTH.
  3. Reboot the hub, bring the lock within 5ft of the hub and then try to pair it.

My Yale lock was working in the classic app but suddenly dropped of the network today after working on the new app for several months. I added it back and now I’m having this problem. I received a warning about the device not having enhanced security or something. Now it just shows up as a Z wave device not a lock. Any help?

That means it didn’t complete the pairing process properly and lost some packets during the transactions:

  1. Exclude the lock
  2. Reset the lock
  3. Reboot the hub
  4. Bring the lock within 3ft of the hub
  5. Pair the lock again

Thanks for the help, I’ll give that a try this weekend and update here.