Yale YRD220 lock firmware update?

Hello community,

New here with the Hub v2 and a Yale YRD220 Zigbee lock I received as a gift that looks like it was sitting in a warehouse for a really long time (the sealed batteries were dead).

Can anyone guide me on where I can see the firmware version currently running on the lock? I’ve tried clicking the Check Firmware option in the IDE but nothing changes after it says it’s checking for new firmware.

I’d like to get the firmware updated (if there are updates) before I install the lock in the door.

Thanks in advance.

If it’s helpful, here’s what I see in the IDE.

Yale Touch Screen Deadbolt Lock Device
Name Yale Touch Screen Deadbolt Lock
Type ZigBee Lock
Version Published
Device Network Id 311B
Hub Home Hub
Last Activity At 2017-11-29 1:11 AM EST
Date Created 2017-11-29 12:49 AM EST
Last Updated 2017-11-29 1:11 AM EST
model: YRD220/240 TSDB
application: 7A
manufacturer: Yale
endpointId: 01
Raw Description 01 0104 000A 00 06 0000 0001 0009 000A 0101 0020 02 000A 0019
Firmware Check Now
Current States
battery: 100
lock: locked
codeChanged: 9 renamed
lockCodes: {“9”}
scanCodes: Complete
maxCodes: 250
maxCodeLength: 8
minCodeLength: 4
checkInterval: 7320