Yale YRD120 vs YRD240

Help. I’m torn between the Yale YRD120 and YRD240. I actually prefer the YRD120 more, as its a bit cheaper, slightly more compact, and a supposedly newer design.

I do like that the YRD240 has a changeable radio, but I’m not sure how much that matters as I’m heavily invested in Zwave thought-out the house anyway. And the radio module is almost as much as a new unit.

But the YRD120 isn’t on the smartthings compatible list, while the YRD240 is. Is there an explanation or reason for that? Does the 120 work?

When I purchased my first 240, it wasn’t on the compatibility list, but I took the chance anyway. It uses the standard z-wave lock handler and works great. If the 120 was offered at that time, I would’ve bought it instead since (as you mentioned) the radio is already built in and the lock is cheaper (although at the time, the 240 was $188 w/ the z-wave module) and smaller. Be the guinea pig, you can always return it :smile: I bet it’ll work with ST, though.

I have a Yale YRD120-ZW-619 and it works fine. It’s been up for about 4 months now on a heavily used door and is at 95% battery. Works well with all my rules and routines as well as @RBoy apps for managing lock codes remotely (code, access time, etc.)

I like the YRD120 better as it doesn’t have a key cylinder…no way to pick it.