Yale YRD-240

Hey guys,

Just bought an open box Yale YRD-240. I’m having trouble figuring out how to set it up. I don’t see a programming code on the inside of the lock. I found something on the internet that says to put the batteries in, tap the gear icon then 1 then the gear icon. When I touch the screen it sounds like it is trying to lock but it’s jammed. When I wake the screen again and touch the gear icon, the screen goes black. Does anyone have experience with these?

Actually the chip inside says YRD-120

First, can you move the throw manually without issue. You’re stating that the lock is jamming and not locking. Normally by default one touch locking is enabled. Since it is, the first touch on the touchpad tries to lock the bolt. Therefore the lock must be thrown (locked) before you can change any settings.