Yale T1L no longer locking during routines

All - I am having an issue with my routines locking and unlocking one of my Yale T1L locks. My good morning and good night routines both have the lock/unlock request. They work fine on my front door (the other Yale T1L) but my garage door lock does not lock, even though the hub notifications say that it was locked.

I can lock the door by locking it through the device itself in ST, so I know that communication is working between the hub and the lock.

I have also tried removing it from the routine, renaming the device but it hasn’t worked. I also have a repeater within 4 feet of the lock so I know that the signal is not an issue.

Any thoughts? I don’t really want to remove/exclude and add the lock back in so I am wondering if there are any other ideas.

Note - I am using the @RBoy Apps SmartThings - Make your Home your Butler device handler and have modified the code to allow the DH to work with the stock ST Lock dashboard smartapp.

:slight_smile: I have two T1Ls as well and I experienced similar behavior (also happened to be my garage lock) about a month ago with one of the locks and it was tied to my Arrival and Departure Routines. Sometimes the Routine would actually lock or unlock the device along with successfully performing the other functions of all other devices in the routine.

Eventually the problem just disappeared for me. I messed with recreating the Routines, exlcuding/including the lock and removing and re-adding Smart Locks. None of that helped. It was sporadic and strange.

I use the rBoy SmartApp as well with the exception that I use the Universal Device Handler and renamed it to “Z-Wave Lock” so that Smart Locks Dashboard continuously reports the correct status of all locks.

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Routines are tricky things, it could be they are just timing out or too many commands on the mesh. All funky stuff that’s hard to debug.

So we created this app to address the issue. Since you already have access, give it a whirl, it basically acts like a backup for your routine to keep it honest :wink:


That is literally the exact same scenario I have. But I have never had an issue with routines firing correctly. Oh well.

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Thanks! I will give this a try.

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It kind of sounded like it. That’s why I wanted to throw it out there to you. I wish I could tell you what the resolution was.

It was literally hit and miss with no rhyme or reason. I would leave the house and all other devices would perform their correct function except that lock. I would manually open Things and lock it. Then when I arrived home, the Arrival Routine would unlock it without an issue. Then other times it would lock appropriately when leaving but not unlock when arriving.

rBoy and me posted about this happening and this was happening to others not just for locks, but for a single device in a routine where all other devices worked, except one.

Give that other SmartApp a try to use as backup. Eventually, I have a feeling, your issue will just fade away as mine did. It’s definitely an ST issue and not a SmartApp issue. :slight_smile:

One other note:

When it would function and perform the lock or unlock, the notification/action was at least 30 seconds after arming/disarming the system. I get voice notifications and prior to this issue, I would get both notifications within seconds of each other.

Now that the problem disappeared, those actions/notifications are now back to back of each other (within a second or two).


This happens to me too, almost daily. I do not own the Yale T1L nor do I use Rboys universal DTH anymore. I really believe this is a mesh, or more likely, a ST Cloud issue where the routine is either timing out or simply failing to send the necessary commands.

Open a ticket with support. The more people who report this, the better the chance of this getting fixed!

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With all the troubleshooting I did with this, and validating with all Z-Wave devices (my environment is a million times less complex than yours) and testing within a 10 minute period of things not working from the Routine perspective, yet manually locking/unlocking the device from Things, the device was responsive, but with that added 30 second action/notification delay thrown in. With that and my environment setup, I would be more inclined to say that with the short stint I had issues, this appears to be an ST cloud issue of some sort. This was happening at the same time others in that Routines thread were reporting partial Routine functionality. No scientific evidence to back it up, but I think a pretty good educated guess. :slight_smile:

Along with everything that I had performed in the previous post, I had done repeated Z-Wave repairs and none of the other Z-Wave devices had any issues. It was only functionality in two Routines and even in test Routines I created and that one device being hit or miss and with a long delay if other devices had actions as well. Even renamed the lock in case ST was doing something else funky :smile:

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Well - the goodnight routine worked last night…go figure. Will see how it goes the next few days!

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