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Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration


(A Kirkham782) #145

Cool Thankyou I’ll give it a try

(Phairplay) #146

Hi guys
Could some one please kindly help
I would really love it get the current status of my alarm via home assistant. (And have limited coding knowledge)

Is it possible to do this via python?

(Daniel McDougall) #147

Hi man, yeah this is possible in python.

It all revolves around sending POSTs and GETs and reading the RESPONSES you receive from those actions.

You’ll be sending these to various links which you can see in my code.

1 for logging in.

1 for arming.

1 for disarming etc…

But as this isnt a smartthings thing I suggest you open a thread in a home assistant forum I’m sure you will get more help their


Hi @tapion1ives

I’m wading through all the various UK alarm systems threads to find the best approach for a ST-linked alarm. Good work btw!

Previous I had the Yale keyfree locks with the number pad, but they’re tough to find and require a professional install. I also had them connected to a Fibaro-based HA, all z-wave using the z-wave sensors. It seems this type of approach is not recommended with STs due to the lack of local processing.

I was thinking about the Yale Smart Alarm, mainly because of the Conexsis locks (with z-wave 2 modules) that will be arriving very soon. If you were to start again… what would you do (as you mentioned earlier you wouldn’t have a Yale siren)?

Many thanks

(Daniel McDougall) #149

I’ll be honest I’m heavily looking into an all zwave system. However I didn’t know about the lack of local processing in smartthings


The ST hub v2 does have some local processing, and given it has battery back-up then it’s probably even safer than my old Fibaro system. I just see lots of posts on here not trusting STs for that.

Annoyingly, having just come off the phone with Yale, the locks can either connect to STs, or their Yale alarm, not both. They did suggest they are looking at allowing further connectivity in the future, but that’s definitely not something I want to invest money in right now.

I think I’m going to go the z-wave route again for now too. You get to choose whatever sensors; motion, door/window etc., keypad panels etc. I suppose I can always change later.

(John Lockwood) #151

As far as I can see the Conexis L1 is the replacement for the Yale Keyfree.

Yes the Smartthings hub is still predominantly cloud based execution. This means if you lose Internet connectivity or Smartthings servers have a glitch you are stymied. It also can cause an extra delay in getting state changes reported.

I was under the impression Samsung were supposed to be improving what can be executed locally as they have had plenty of feedback over this and some competitors like are promoting themselves over their local execution capabilities.


@tapion1ives is obviously our resident expert on Yale but my own perspective has been that the best one can hope for is setting an automation so that when you lock or unlock a smart lock it could trigger an arm or disarm of the alarm system.

If only Smartthings and ADT UK would get together like they have in the USA. (It looks like the chances of this are between zero and none.)

Is your code based on the above Smartthings article local friendly?

I have not got round to my own alarm system yet but I am still leaning towards a DSC with the EVL board.

(Daniel McDougall) #152

Oh no its cloud to cloud based my stuff. Yales crapo for local and that limited me with smartthings.

I will be looking into a locally executed completely smartthings run zwave siren and sensor system at some point. Just money as zwave sirens are not cheap. I’ve been tempted to Jerry rig one up myself with a cheap indoor siren and some clever waterproofing and a dummy siren box

(Phairplay) #153

i understand this isn’t really for here, but your the only one able to help,.

i have a python script but when i call on

i get a permissions error.

import json
import requests

url = ''
parameters = {'id':'' , 'password':'xxxx'}

headers = {'content-type': 'application/json'} 
response =, data=json.dumps(parameters), headers=headers)

(Daniel McDougall) #154

Keep in mind i mostly dont know what I’m talking about. But if I had ti guess you have to login first capture the cookie from that login response and reuse that through the rest of what you do


Yes the Conexis are the replacement for the Keyfrees, which some downsides:

  • Keyfree had a psuedo auto-lock (handle went floppy and wouldn’t engage without a PIN) when closed, the Conexsis needs a physical push up to lock
  • Conexsis has no remote locking at all, so going to have to trust my posty/parcel delivery people to lock it now
  • The keypad on the Keyfrees offered some security you wouldn’t lock yourself out
  • Seems to add new access fobs, cards, etc., you have to gather them all together and do at once - you can’t just add another, which is annoying, weird, and going to be a problem (I haven’t read the manual yet)

Flip side, the Conexis I fitted myself this weekend. My Keyfrees before required professional installation.

I’m sure Samsung will be releasing a V3 very soon with local processing. The fact they’ve already made strides towards it suggests they will. I’ll keep an eye on the Hubitat if it makes it to the UK. My Fibaro HC2’s were good for that, but the fact they were only z-wave and every 3rd party integration was a nightmare, ugly UI, horrible LUA code, and terrible developer ‘IDE’, meant it was too painful to do that all over again in my new house.

I haven’t even begun with ST yet to know how good/bad it is, but so far it’s night and day easier than the Fibaro HC2. I suppose the proof will be when I code my alarm system

(John Lockwood) #156

I can’t speak regarding the Keyfree and Conexis but the Yale Keyless Connected night latch lets you add cards and fobs one at time however I suspect the method is totally different. The Keyless uses its touchpad and you put it in to learn mode one at a time. The Keyless does not have Bluetooth and hence there is no app for it. There is an app for the Conexsis.

You might be able to find a Keyfree if you search enough resellers.

The Hubitat is not sold in the UK but is sold by Hubitat and directly shipped to the UK. They do so with a proper UK power supply and a proper UK Z-Wave frequency adapter which is a USB stick. There is no Hubitat app it seems you have to do everything via a browser. I don’t have a Hubitat but have been looking at it.

(Ash Stokes) #157

Thanks for all the hard work on creating the DH guys, I’ve added that in and it’s working fine.

Just a question, I’ve also grabbed the contact DH and set it against my door, I’ve seen you discussing the auto-refresh was there a best solution for this? If not I can do it in WebCore however wanted to see if anyone knew, if it’s refreshing it every 2 seconds say, will it kill the batteries on the sensor or does it get the status from the hub?


(Daniel McDougall) #158

It gets status from the hub so no battery burn. I use webcore now too.

(Ash Stokes) #159

Ah ok brilliant thanks mate, have you had any issues with setting it to poll that frequent or are you still using the motion sensor and poll 5 seconds for 5?

(Daniel McDougall) #160

Still using motion

(Ash Stokes) #161

Anyone having any problems using this now? Whenever I log into the web interface it says ‘Panel offline’ I’ve spoken to Yale who advised it’s been discontinued as users are getting moved? Anyone found an alternate?

(Daniel McDougall) #162

The device handkernis still working for me the site access has been removed but the device handler doesn’t need to webpages just the asps behind them.

That being said I myself am moving from yale to a totally smartthings alarm solution.

(Ash Stokes) #163

Ah thanks for replying, when I uesed Mark_Cockcrofts handler I get ‘system.panel.offline’ so just tested it with your handler and I get the following in debug below, it starts saying ‘arming’ then after 5 seconds changes back to disarm… I don’t suppose you ever looked into local access to the hub? I got the IP and it does have a GUI interface which looks similar but it’s password protected and not the usual email/password, not sure if anyone knows this? I previously used a whole smartthings alarm but could never find an external siren and the motion sensors had a habbit of going off around 2AM and tripping the internal alarm in the bedroom :sweat_smile: heard iris sensors are your best bet but at a great cost

10:52:04 AM: debug Smart Things has successfully logged out

10:52:04 AM: debug Alarm is [disarm]ed

10:52:04 AM: debug Executed login

10:51:54 AM: debug Status is: Arming

10:51:54 AM: debug Smart Things has successfully logged out

EDIT: yeah i’m getting the same from the API backend too :frowning: ‘{“result”:“0”,“message”:“system.panel_offline”,“code”:""}’

(Daniel McDougall) #164

Anyone else able to help him?