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Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration


(Lewboo) #125

Hi @tapion1ives

i have now sorted this :smile: thanks for this code i am hoping to be able to learn all this myself and try understanding how this is actually working each step with the API etc thanks for the patience with newbies

(Daniel McDougall) #126

Yay glad you got it working. Mate I had no idea what I was doing when I started this thing, I still don’t. To be honest I think it’s a combination of luck and magic that it works at all

(Pete Marks) #127

Hi Daniel. Still having problems but have thought about a different solution. Is there any way Smartthings can detect when the alarm siren is triggered? If it can detect the alarm siren being triggered then I can start programming other actions which will actually serve my purposes better than if detectors are triggered.

Again thanks for your help

(Daniel McDougall) #128

I think the only way you could detect the alarm siren being sounded is to slip an acceleration or multipurpose sensor into the siren housing. Alternatively you could aim the burglar alert emails yale sends you to something which triggers a virtual siren, maybe the universal device handler could do that

(Mark C) #129

you could poll every so often, if you look at my tweeked version, it prints the response message (ln23 / ln98 /ln148). basicly when i do a home arm and have a window open, the response back from yale is DC contat open, that then get present on the app under the default and $currentvalue, im sure if you refresh when your alarm was in an active (going off) state the message would not be ‘ok’ so you could have a diffenrt mode ie alarm going off and have an action against that?

(Pete Marks) #130

Yes, thanks again. I have tried ifttt but that only samples Gmail every 15 minutes. I’ll keep on thinking, but thanks for your assistance

(Mark C) #131

Iftt is quick if you use a text message. Yale sends me a txt an iftt makes my phone play a certain song.

(Alcopop2006) #132

Hi everyone, I’ve been looking at this and have just purchased the Yale system but haven’t set it up yet. However… I’m in the middle of working on a University project as there seems to be a lack of options in this area, especially in the UK… If you have any ideas for external sirens then I would really appreciate your input :slight_smile:

(A Kirkham782) #133

Hi All, is this still the solution for integrating a yale smart home alarm into smartthings ?

Basically i currently have a basic easy fit Yale system but am looking to upgrade this with one of their smart home alarm kits and was hoping to be able to do the following:

  • View the state of the yale sensors in the smartthings app
  • Trigger an alarm from within smartthings based on the state of a smartthings sensor
  • Receive a smartthings notification if an alarm is triggered (based on state of yale sensor)

I clicked on the link in the initial post which goes to the yale webpage access but this page now says it is not available and to use their app. Does this solution still work to integrate these alarms with smartthings ?

If so then does someone have some basic instructions on getting this up and running ?

Thanks everyone

(Mark C) #134

Mine is still working. I never got the sensors or notifications running. Just turn on off when i leave or go to be

(A Kirkham782) #135

Awesome cheers dude

I can see people talking about getting the sensors working above but can’t see how they did it lol

(A Kirkham782) #136

Can someone enlighten me as to the sensors for this then.

The device handler above is for a switch that can arm/disarm the alarm as far as I can tell but do I use the same device handler for each contact sensor etc with a device added in the ide for each 1 ?

(Daniel McDougall) #137

There are 2 device handlers 1 for the contact sensor and 1 for the alarm switch.

You then create a device for each contact sensor using that device handler

(A Kirkham782) #138

Awesome, cheers dude. Are these on github or best to just copy the code directly from within the thread above

(Daniel McDougall) #139

I keep meaning to set up a github but I am very very lazy

(A Kirkham782) #140

Awesome, have copied these and have got a device setup which is arming and disarming my alarm :grin:

Did you have any luck managing to get real time updates on the contact sensors ?
Im using Pollster but the this only refreshes every minute which is a bit too much of a delay to be usable as a contact sensor lol

(Daniel McDougall) #141

I did I used webcore which is a smartthings rule engine. There are plenty of threads that can help you with that. I use motion external motion sensors to trigger refreshes every 5 seconds for 5 minutes which minimizes the amount of load on the box

(A Kirkham782) #142

Awesome, cheers dude

Quick question as well, i have noticed that whether I press arm away or arm stay it always only part arms the alarm. Within smartthings it displays as being armed stay. Any ideas ?

(Daniel McDougall) #143

I think it’s a bug I will reupload with the fix when i get chance

(Mark C) #144

I fixed it in this