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Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration


(Daniel McDougall) #101

Toggle is the button you see when it’s in list of devices I think.
I dunno I guessed a lot of this

(Jack) #102

Thanks for that advice! That was my other option to look at although I read a lot of false alarms with the ST hub. For example when connection is lost?
Thanks again,


Thanks Dan, do you know whether you can remotely set/edit PINs with the z-wave module 1? Yale web-page for z-wave 2 module suggests you so.

The Yale website page for Yale Module 2 also refers to un-locking and disarming the alarm though I can’t find any option with yale module 1 and unless they release a new version of the Yale Smart Living app I can find no option to set this.

Thanks to your code I managed to get ST arming/disarming the Yale alarm yesterday and I can check the front-door contact. As a non-techie I was rather chuffed last night so thanks once again!

(Daniel McDougall) #104

Wouldn’t know not done too much research.

(Daniel McDougall) #105

I think you can and I think rboy has a good device handler for that

(Edward Heathcote) #106

Ok so just got my Yale smart alarm, excuse the ignorance what do I need to make this smarter ie use something like smart things (total newb and do not have a smart things yet) what do I need to get etc

(Daniel McDougall) #107

Just need a smartthings hub and the device handler above

(chrisym) #108

Hi there,

I’m looking at using this device handler to integrate with my brother’s existing yale alarm… it looks great - can it be used to notify smartthings if the alarm activates (i.e. notify that the alarm is actually sounding)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

(Daniel McDougall) #109

Not to my knowledge as the panel itself doesn’t have a flag that the alarm is sounding. I’m sure there is a work around possible using an ifttt email trigger to a virtual button using a universal device handler to simulate a siren

(Edward Heathcote) #110

Now got it and added the coding to the device handler, and added the device but it doesnt seem to be working, have I missed a step?

(Daniel McDougall) #111

Did you add in your username and password for yale alarm

(Edward Heathcote) #114

Sussed it I was being a plank! Thanks

(Phil Downes) #115

I dont know what I’m doing wrong but I can create a device handler but it doesn’t show in my list of devices

I’ve tried it as an alarm, alarm system & as a switch

(Daniel McDougall) #116

You need to create the device yourself and when creating the device there will be a device handle dropdown which will list the tale alarm
Custom device handles are usually near the bottom of the list.

Also make sure you have published the device handler for yourself

(Pete Marks) #118

Hi Daniel

Thank you for all the great work you have put into this. I have a Yale Smart Alarm and have installed your Device Handler which you wrote in December 16 but I have a couple of questions.

First Is this for door window contacts sensors only or does it work for PIRs as well please?

Second, in the Device Settings, what ID do I insert for the sensor? I have tried both the specific long number given to the sensor (beginning with RF: etc) and also the name I have called it, but neither seem to work. When I insert “0” there the device showed “fail” and I could not change that status.

Again thank you in advance for any assistance.

(Daniel McDougall) #119

It doesn’t work with PIR as there is nothing sent to the box that’s readable from front end.

It’s not that Id and simply it doesn’t look like there is an easy way of seeing this now. Yale seem to have discontinued the old sites front end.

Try this but I don’t know if it will work. In the app go settings>alarm settings >devices

If I had to guess the first device on that list is 0 the next is 1 and so forth

(Pete Marks) #120

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Will give that a try.

(Lewboo) #121

Hi All

now Yale have discontinued there web application and now only use the IOS/Android App is there any way how to integrate this into ST and into Action tiles.

i am new to all this my self only just making my first set up and learning each day so if come across rude etc sorry

(Daniel McDougall) #122

Well it’s just the web app front end so I don’t think you need that for anything. All commands still send.

So if you can get it into st you should be able to get it into action tiles

(Lewboo) #124

Hi Daniel

thanks for the quick responce i “think” i have got this now on my ST app but i am getting a UNKNOW in my display and when running simulation on my developer i am getting the below, could you maybe point in the right direction with this, new to this scripting and still trying to lean how all works, from the information it seems like is logged in but can not collect the information.

0749dd18-baa1-4069-94e6-42f1d6d2dfff 21:20:06: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: mode for class: java.lang.String @line 89 (refresh)
0749dd18-baa1-4069-94e6-42f1d6d2dfff 21:20:05: debug Executed login